7 June 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #22

This week for Top Ten Tuesday its a free week to gush about anything we'd like.
I'm still thinking about my holiday, and praying I could go back sooner, so I'm going to tell you my top ten experiences that I had during my Walt Disney World holiday

Firstly -

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/meme created and hosted by The Broke And The Bookish
I love doing this when I can and do love how much the ideas make me think about books!
Have you made a list yourself? I'd love to read it - send me a link in the comments section!

10 - Experiencing the Little Extras

This, for me, was the custest part of my holiday. It was lovely to see the little nods to the Disney films - of course you get the big rides and statues etc, but these little winks were amazing to see.
The one I actively sought out was the Lady and the Tramp footprints near the entrance to the park outside Tony's Restaurant.

The one that Dami was really excited about seeing was Mr Toad in the pet cemetary outside of the Haunted Mansion. I completely forgot to look for it - glad he was on the ball.

I can't remember seeing any Hidden Mickeys, but that would have been really cool to see - next time I will buy the book and look for them!

9 - It's Tough To Be A Bug

We didn't have to wait long for this show, but it was more the QUEUE that was interesting. It was the closest we could get to the Tree of Life which was absolutely amazing. I would love to go back and just spend the whole day naming the animals on the roots and trunk!

8 - No Lines

Talking of queuing, we found this handy little trick!
Not really a trick more of a squeezing and walking fast after the Wishes fireworks.
We didn't really queue at all in Magic Kingdom because we spent most of the time at different parks in the morning and then spending the evenings at MK.
After the fireworks there is a considerable crowd moving at a ridiculously slow pace so if you can get through the throng, you can spend less time queuing for rides!
We walked onto loads of rides - its a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbo, the Little Mermaid ride, Magic Carpets of Aladin, Jungle Cruise.. The only time we waited for any of these rides was the amount of time it took to walk to the front of the ride!

7 - Vacation Club Fast Passes

This one is a sneaky one. We signed up to go to a Vacation Club meeting to see what the Vacation Club was all about (Disney's version of a time share)
To be honest, I was really tempted by this, but it doesn't make sense for us to invest in this until after we have bought a house.
Just for attending this 90 min seminar we received a free ice-cream and three free fast passes (on top of your usual three) to use at any point during the day. You basically just walk on the ride. It doesn't include the Snow White ride which is why we didn't get to go on that ride!
More on this later.

6 - Three Mountains

We used our extra fast passes on conquering the three mountain rides of Magic Kingdom.
Starting at Splash Mountain (awesome) moving straight onto Thunder Mountain (so-so) and finishing up on Space Mountain (amazing)
Such a good day because

5 - Four Parks, One Day

Some might call it impossible. We call it "Our Final Day".
We started at Animal Kingdom, headed over to Magic Kingdom, got the monorail to Epcot (the only place we didn't get a picture!!!) and then to Hollywood Studios to get some souvenirs and then back to MK to ride the three mountains and for the final viewing of Wishes.

 4 - Hollywood Tower Hotel

We rode this a couple of times because it is such a fun fun ride. Please see below.
We are in the back row for this ride - Dami has never been on it before and is really impressed. He is making a really happy face at me because he thought I was exaggerating how fun the ride is.
Can't wait to ride it in DLP to see the differences.
One feature I really loved was the different stories as you go through the Twilight Zone!

3 - Mickey Pretzel

On our first day, we had a Mickey Soft Pretzel and it was amazing. This probably shouldn't be third on my list but WE LOVE PRETZELS so it is :)

2 - Epcot

Aka my favourite park. It's just so fun strolling around the world, hanging out. The days that we did this felt like we were having a day off, I swear. World Showcase feels like a completely different park to the front area, which I didn't actually expect to be so huge!
I just had so much fun here and felt so at home and happy.
My favourite area was Japan but we did seem to spend a lot of time in England (mainly for the chips) and Mexico (mainly for the ride) I don't think we even stopped in the USA bit (since we were already in the USA so it made no odds to us!)

1 - Wishes

Just the opening music gives me goosebumps!! I spent three weeks after having to listen to Wishes before bed every night or I thought I would go insane.
I love Wishes so much it is the most MAGICAL part of the day. The music, the fireworks, the castle! I don't even. There are no words. I would have watched it every night but we didn't start staying really late at the parks until the second week when we had acclimatised to the time difference.
Still so worth it - we caught the fireworks maybe three times? 
And next time I will push for as many nights as possible - we will be staying close enough to see some fireworks I believe so I'll just have to download the soundtrack and listen to it myself if we are at the hotel!

I loved my holiday so much I am just counting the weeks until we go back (97)
And hopefully we will go more than once that year!
I'm an addict.


  1. I loved Disney World, too. Epcot was awesome! I am glad you had fun, Aimes. :)
    My TTT

  2. Oh, it sounds like you had an incredible holiday. :) I've never been to Disney World but maybe I'll get there someday!

    C @ thoughtsfromlibraries.blogspot.com