26 June 2016

Daimee Does Disney: Day Three

Day Three


I'm only going to do a short post on our time in Seaworld as I think it is a rather controversial place to visit. It was included as an extra park in our tickets as we wanted to go to Busch Gardens anyway - and Busch Gardens is owned by the same company.

We had a bit of a lie in in the morning - managed to sleep until about 830am which for me is pretty good in the UK. Usually I wake up at 720 on the dot.
We went for breakfast which was a lot busier this time and got some toast and some juice. Then we headed back to our room to get dressed for the day.

We had bought some tickets for the I-Ride which lasted for 14 days so we activated these and rode down to Seaworld.
It didn't take very long - 15 mins? - and the view from the bus was amazing. We had to wait 15 mins in the queue to get our tickets and then headed straight in.

We had a look at some flamingos and a quick peek at the seals. They were just doing one of the dolphin shows so we heard that as we went past.
We also saw some tame squirrels eating donuts. So odd.

We did a massive loop around the park, stopping at 1 to apply suntan lotion... I'd only gone and left it in the hotel room, hadn't I?!
We had to buy some at the park. It was an aerosol spray on sunscreen by Banana Boat that was absolutely amazing. Factor 50 spray on - no fuss, no streaks, no mess. The only thing that I was worried about was that it was $18 and I thought it would probably run out after three days. BUT it was a really hot day and honestly I think we would have been burnt to a crisp if we didn't get it.

Best thing we bought at Seaworld.

Now, a little bit about us.

We love exploring, seeing new things and we especially love animals.
We always have a great time at the zoo or aquarium - mostly taking the mick out of each other and doing impressions of the animals.

I love manatees - they were my favourite thing about the last time we visited, especially because they are local wild animals that were rescued. I think that's really nice. Spent quite a while looking at these lovely things.

Dami had never seen an Orca before and has always said he'd love to see them. It would obviously be better in the wild, but this was the only opportunity to see one open to us.
We got really good seats in the One Ocean show which was amazing. Right in the centre, in the splash zone.
And I did get some really good pics of our day but I'm hesitant to post them after the reaction I received on Facebook.

Yes, I have seen Blackfish. It's an amazing documentary. Cried for days.
Yes, I have seen the Cove. It was another amazing documentary. Cried for days.
Yes, I did feel a little dirty going to SeaWorld.

But, I had an amazing day, saw my favourites - the manatees and orcas and got to see some turtles. We got to see 50 people queuing to get pictures taken with dolphins (not something I would want to do)

We got selected to give feedback at the park on our way out which was great and I was maybe a bit brutal about my thoughts on the orcas but praised them on the stopping of the breeding program and eventual ending of the shows.

After SeaWorld

We left at around 5pm and headed straight to the outlet at the bottom of I-drive to go to the Disney outlet store. We bought some of the Disney Vinylmations and I got a lovely photo frame.
It might be part of the Disney Land 60th anniversary collection, but I still think it is amazing!
We were looking at the t-shirts and homeware for a while and then decided that they might have other items at the other outlet at the top of I-Drive so we got the I-Ride all the way up and had a look in the other outlet shop. This was definitely a good idea because the stock was quite different.
There was more clothing at the one at the top than in the One at the bottom, but we bought less here.

We had a wander around the mall and it was amazing. The sun was setting at this point so most of the heat had disappeared. I was so so thirsty but we had no cash so we went to a vending machine just to see the price of a drink. To my utter surprise, you could use a debit/credit card on the machine!!
So amazing - wish we could do that in the UK!

We are now 94 weeks and 6 days away from going back. It is driving me insane waiting to go back!

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