6 December 2015

Redecorating the Blog!

I've had a little refurb - hope you enjoy the new (very) minimalist look.

I cannot believe how much life can change in one year. I feel like a completely different person!

This year has passed so unbelievably quickly I don't even know where to start. I feel like we need a reintroduction!

My name is still Aimee.

I am one year older than last year, which is two years older than the year before that.

I still love reading in my spare time.

I'm still in the same job I was in last time. I recently had my year anniversary and we had some cupcakes to celebrate. Obviously it is much more time consuming than I anticipated, which has led to the almost complete demise of the blog.
I keep getting traffic though, which is lovely!
I even received an email to review someones book earlier in the year which made me glow with pride.

My devil-cat Gwyn is still terrorizing me and the boyf.

Oh, and we booked a lovely little holiday today which has been all I can talk about for three weeks.
Just a nice little treat for the both of us since we've been working so hard.
Nothing fancy...

JUST GOING TO ORLANDO!! #dreamhols #disney #yolo


Anyway, thank you for reading - sorry that it's been so long.
I am trying to get this all going again but it will take some time.

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  1. HI!!!! Great to see you back, and with a new look! Can't wait to read some more posts from you!! R xx