1 September 2014

Sunday Summary #3

Hello there! It's definitely been a while since I last posted!
Also it's now Monday!
I've been adjusting to life in my new job, and learning how to do it, which has been fun and interesting and time consuming (in a good way). Time literally flies while I'm at work. I think I am doing quite a good job of it as multiple people have said I'm keeping up with all the other staff. A lot of it is to do with just getting on with the work and not chatting though.
The first week I was quite sad because I am so used to talking 24/7 that I found it difficult to not talk, but after that (and especially on Friday) I realised why no one really chats when there is work to be done - it's really distracting, and this is the type of job where if you don't get it done, you cannot go home until you have finished as much of it as you can. Especially as the people in the lab can't start their job until you've finished yours!
The commute is a bit annoying but we have come up with a little solution - we are going to view a flat on Tuesday near the train station. If that doesn't work, I have my theory test booked in early October so fingers crossed for either/or. 

So, I was reading Legend and I loved it but I don't think I was in the mood for it at the time.
When I started reading Prodigy a couple of weeks ago, it felt like falling into a familiar and beloved world. I have really enjoyed reading Prodigy and just started Champion on the weekend.
These are exactly the type of books that I love, and I will probably reread them countless times. I can't wait to finish Champion and find out what happens!

So this month we have been getting up to date with OZ, which was gory and rude and so so insane. It was amazing, and the series ending was pretty tame but I liked it. It only took us about 2/3 weeks to watch the whole thing (24 episodes-ish), but once we finished it, we had to find something else to catch up on.
We have a (written) list of TV shows that we need to watch or catch up on, and I have really been missing True Blood so I chose that. We had to watch season six first and now we are finally onto season seven!! Finally going to see how it all ends! Only took four days to watch season six, and we're on episode two of season seven now! I hope to be finished by the end of the week!

We also watched Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night. That was stuck in my head all day, I think probably just because I love Andrew Garfield so so much. And Emma Stone is my favourite actress.

I'm kinda trailing off now because I'm trying to watch True Blood while I write this, so please forgive me!
Going to Leeds this weekend, can't wait to see my family and catch up.
Wish me luck viewing this flat tomorrow!

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  1. Heylo stranger! I'm on a TV show binge at the minute, and feel guilty for not reading while hanging out with Netflix lol good luck with the flat! :)