11 August 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #19

I couldn't think of ten books this week, but these are some books that I own or that are on my Goodreads that I'm not sure about anymore.
PLEASE persuade me that I'm wrong!!

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa
I bought this at The Works for less than a pound, but am constantly putting it off. I just read the Goodreads description though and I kinda want to read it now...

Delirium - Lauren Oliver
I haven't read anything by Lauren Oliver and I am a bit nervous because I know a lot of people loved this book. I don't want it to turn out to be like Matched where I liked it but looking back it was really empty. Also that is how I feel about The Maze Runner series which I have just finished #unpopularopinion but I don't want to start something new until I've had a palette cleanser.

The Host - Stephenie Meyer
Four guesses as to why I don't want to read this book. I've heard it was good though so I'm conflicted.

ZOM-B - Darren Shan
If this series ends with a spin on "and it was all a dream", please let me know so I can save myself some time.
I love Darren's writing, but fool me more than twice and it makes me cautious.

An Abundance of Katherines - John Green
I really didn't get along with Paper Towns, so I've put this on the backburner for now. Please tell me how great it is!!


  1. I didn't enjoy Delirium too much. The language, the characters, nothing worked for me. An Abundance of Katherines is an amazing concept but if you're looking for TFioS quality writing, then no. Keep away. And Twilight is more than enough to keep me away from any more of SM's writing :P

  2. I agree with you on The Host. I started reading it and just could not get into it. Great list!

    Here are my Top Ten!

  3. I loved The Host. I found it to be much more mature than Twilight.

  4. Delirium has had mixed reviews, but I bought the trilogy on offer and I will binge-read it. The Host is quite long, but people who have read it seem to like it. It's not high on my list of priorities though... Paper Towns was a bit of a let-down, and I've heard Looking for Alaska is good and Abundance of K's isn't great... I think I'll read all J Green books but maybe not buy them all. Don't want to burst your bubble at all, but I haven't heard good things about The Iron King series - would be worth reading the first book anyways to see what you think seeing as you picked it up cheap :)