29 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #18

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Every week we love making our own bookish lists and looking at what other people have written, and this week is no exception!
The topic this week is "Ten authors I own the most books from", but I reaaaally don't own that many books. Most are borrowed from friends or the library or lost or stolen or at my storage centre (aka, my mum and dads).
Instead I have decided to do.... (drumroll)

I feel like the grammar is off there a little, but at least I was able to shorten it down from "Top Ten Authors that I've read a lot of their work" or "Top Ten authors that wrote a lot of books that I read".

Coming in at numbers nine, ten and eleven with six books each are:

Sarra Manning

Richelle Mead

Cliff McNish

I read seven books by C.S Lewis.

Eight by J.K Rowling, though I don't know if Fantanstic Beasts counts.

Nine by Charlaine Harris (that was a great summer. So many audio books, so little time!)

Paul Stewart wrote twelve brilliant fantasy stories.
I forgot about Muddle Earth but I enjoyed that as well.

I read 13 LJ Smith books, not including the one I'm currently reading. 

Rachel Caine wrote fifteen lovely books that I read cover to cover.

Jacqueline Wilson comes in at number two with over twenty books read and verified (countless more difficult to recognize by titles alone)

But number one trumps it by far. Twenty two honest to God published books (and yes, I do own all of these books and most are signed) countless short stories online and more spin offs that I actually cannot wait to read.
Darren Shan, everybody!

I gotta go to sleep now, cannot believe how often I write these things from my half-asleep brain.

Special mention to R.L Stein!


  1. I recognise a lot of these even if I haven't read many of them myself (and high-five for J Wilson!) but who is your number one?!?! I feel like I need more info if you've read 22 of his books! R x

  2. Awesome list, I'm with you with Sarra Manning. I used to own so many LJ Smith books when I was younger, but I had such a huge clear out of books before uni that so many books are now gone, she would have been on my list otherwise. Also, Jacqueline Wilson, I loved her books when I was a kid she gives me flashbacks to primary school (where she visited and I totally missed out on seeing her because I was at a music lesson!).

  3. +JMJ+

    I really need to read some Darren Shan!

    C.S. Lewis made my Tenner, too . . . but I feel it's a little unfair that The Chronicles of Narnia give him such an edge. LOL!

  4. I've seen Darren Shan on a number of lists... I've only read the first book in his Zom-B series and thought the commentary on racism was a little heavy handed. Is the Cirque Du Freak series better? Great list. http://thebooksupplier.com/?p=5822