20 July 2014

Sunday Summary #2

I zoned out a bit the past few weeks.
I've been thinking more and more about cutting back since I have had little to no time for reading recently, and in the time that I have had, I've been watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls! #addict

I might not have outright said it, but I haven't been enjoying my job a whole lot recently. Today I sought to rectify this (I didn't seek it, but the opportunity arose and I reached for it) by applying to stand in as Staff Council Representative whilst ours is on long term sick. I have to speak to the managers rep on Monday just to find out what I'll be doing and getting some dates written down, but the district manager said yes, so all systems go.

We went to Blackpool a couple of weeks ago and had a nice relaxing weekend away. I am terrified of heights, but braved the rollercoasters. I went on that massive one which felt like I was living one of my recurring nightmares (oddly enough, haven't had that nightmare since I did it) and even went one the loop the loop one where you dangle, and I put emphasis on that because even writing it is making me slightly nervous. That was probably the best one because I felt really exhilarated after. I didn't pick up the postcards that I wanted to get, or any rock, or take any photos (except three at the zoo) because I am amateur hour, but I did have a really great time.

Another thing we did during our week off was go to the American BBQ restaurant that opened a few months ago and has been packed ever since. And yes, it lives up to the hype. Cannot wait to go back.

Since I got back though it's been business as usual, which is why I really need that Staff Council thingy as it means I get to be a busybody in other shops and travel over the district and go to the meetings and fight for staff rights and...
And enough rambling, here's what I've been reading in my dark days:

Cress | Grass For His Pillow
Brilliance of the Moon | The Scorch Trials

It's taken me a while to get over the ending of Cress. I've had to reread/relisten to my favourite audiobook series just to cleanse. Last night I finally started reading again. I am currently reading the Scorch Trials and it is by far the most frustrating books I have ever read. I just cannot figure out what is going on. I have made notes, because the feelings that I get while I'm reading it are insane. One minute I think I've figured something out and the next I am sideswept by the real answer! But it's never an answer, it's just MORE MYSTERY!
I love it.
I refuse to let myself look it up as well which irritates the hell out of me, but I really want this to be a surprise story.
I haven't got a clue what to read after I'm done here. I have a couple of selections, but I think I might want to reread an old book. Any suggestions?

Gilmore Girls

I have been watching Gilmore Girls religiously, and I finally finished season five tonight so I can hopefully get it finished within the next week or so. I am getting really emotional at it the past two nights - Rory made me want to slap her and drag her back to Stars Hollow at the end of the series. I was surprised that Lorelei didn't.

And I finally got my Netflix addiction back on track via the WiiU. I can now connect to the internet and watch movies on the TV again! Yay!
The other day, I decided to watch the first episode of every season of Greek before I went to work and it was the best idea. I mean, I only got to season three but it really took me back.

Thanks for sticking with me through that.


  1. Wow, sounds like you've been busy, I don't know what Staff Council Representative is, but it sounds like there is a lot of responsibility to go with, and if it means it helps you enjoy you're job then it definitely sounds like you've done the right thing, I hope everything goes well with that.

    As far as books go, I got nothing for you. I am binging on NA books currently and romance in general. I know what you mean after finishing Cress I didn't know what to read, that's the problem with a series, when you get to the ends of a book you don't know what to do with yourself. I would either read an old favourite as palate cleanser, or just read a book you've been putting off reading but really want to read, if you have one of those.

    And your TV viewing spoke to the me of about five years ago. I freaking love Gilmore Girls and Greek, I used to watch them religiously. I need to get back into Netflix watching, but I can't find the time. Or I'm unwilling to spend my time watching TV right now.

    1. Staff council rep is just making sure everyone's happy with their jobs and if they have any issues I have to take them to the area forum. It seems quite cool, and it means lots of travel to Leeds and Liverpool! Which in turn means more time for reading!!
      Once I've finished the Scorch Trials I'm going to read the Secret Circle books, because I loved the series and, funnily enough, the girl on long term sick lent them to me and I want to finish them before she's back in September.