31 July 2014

July Wrap Up

July has gone really quick this year, again I feel like I've missed most of the good weather. I haven't really been doing much except working and reading and watching TV... 
This month we had a switch-up with the managers in work, which meant I am working with one of my friends from when I first started at William Hill. I got some really great news today, which is primarily why I'm writing this Wrap Up post, something I don't usually do. It seemed appropriate because it really does wrap the month up nicely.

Only three books completed this month, but two that I'm currently reading/halfway through!
I read Cress, Grass for his Pillow and The Scorch Trials, and I'm currently listening to the audio book for Brilliance of the Moon and reading The Death Cure.


 I started the next book in the Maze Runner series yesterday and I'm about a third in. I love it, I don't know what's going to happen next and I'm constantly writing myself notes saying "that's going to happen!" or "this is what's going on!" and I'm never right! Or they just don't answer the question and damn you James Dashner for being so cryptic!

Cress was one of my favourite books, I just enjoyed the series so much. It was something different. Something completely different. It wasn't even told from a human POV!

I have a couple of books I really want to read this month, but I won't have any time to read them at all. This is going to be one of the most exciting months of my year.

Well, I finally finished the entire series of Gilmore Girls! That was heavy duty and I am so sad that I've finished it but at the same time glad to move on to something else - what should I watch though?!
I realised the other day that I have had no inkling for social interaction since I started watching it, it really fulfilled that in me. Strange.
I am keeping up to date with all my girly shows, with one exception! I decided the other day that I will not be watching Switched at Birth anymore. Something really annoyed me about the writing and I just couldn't even finish the episode, I just turned the TV off.

I just posted what films I watched this week here, but other films I've been watching are:
The LEGO Movie, Her, Prisoners, Under The Skin (which I did not like) and Non-Stop.

I love that my boyfriend works in a shop where he can rent DVD's because he chooses some really good ones sometimes.
I had been putting off Her for weeks because I didn't like the look of it.
Joaquin Phoenix looks like an 80s sex pest on the cover.
But, even ten minutes into the film I had to apologise to Damien because it was such a fantastic film. It really made me laugh and think about the world. It's about a man who starts dating his computer. I would say it was a little bit like Black Mirror, if there are any Charlie Brooker fans out there.
Immediately after Her we watched Prisoners, which I would recommend to anyone who likes murder mysteries or anything involving kidnapping. The trailers really got me in the mood for the film because I saw a film called Devils Knot and then I was thinking that I wouldn't mind watching a film like that. I know that's the point of the trailers, but I've never had that feeling. And despite the fact that we started the 2.5 hour film at 11:30 and I had to leave for work at 8am, I really didn't want to stop watching it. Good choice!
The LEGO Movie was amazing as well. I want to buy it on BluRay at some point because it captured my whole attention and was just hilarious. I knew about the "twist" from the beginning, so I wasn't massively surprised.

Tomorrow we are going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy at the cinema, and then Transformers next week. I mean, the new one, not the original.

Last but not least is my really great, really exciting news.
I got offered a new job today!!
I really wasn't sure if I was going to get it because I come across so badly in interviews, but it's a lot like what I do now but less customer oriented (as in, office job) and I really really wanted the position!
Luckily enough for me, I received the call!
Here are just a few gifs that show my excitement!!!!

And some sports gifs, since I'm leaving the world of sports betting!

Sorry if you think that's too many gifs. I really tried to cut it down, but I am so happy and excited!
Hopefully I will have a great time in this new job - when I met everyone last week they seemed really nice and I am genuinely excited to start working there.
Now I just need to get to the shops and buy some nice clothes to wear!

Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats on the new job - that is fantastic! What a great way to end the month.

    Did you like Non-stop? I love Neeson and the hubby and I want to see that movie sometime.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes I did like Non-Stop. If you like Aslan/Liam Neeson then you will enjoy it, it's very much like Taken. I hope you enjoy it as well when you watch it, it's quite gripping in some places! x