31 July 2014

Hacking Double Bill

Tonight I watched two films that I've never seen before. Much referenced and recommended, but still I've held out from watching. Why? No reason. And no real reason to watch them tonight either other than boredom.

The first film, WarGames, is an 80s classic.
David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) is a classic computer geek kid, but in a time when floppy disks seemed to be the height of technological advancement. Oh, jeez. He sees an advertisement for a new game that's coming out, and decides to hack the company making it to play it early. Unfortunately, he stumbles across a military computer system and mistakenly triggers a thermonuclear war simulation, throwing the whole country - nay, world - into chaos. Seeing the devastation he has caused on the news, he vows never to call the number again and destroys all evidence that he was ever 'there'. 
Now, I'm not up to date on American military nuclear bunker stuff, so I didn't realise that was even a thing. Hell, I didn't know that was what Mount Weather was in The 100. But that's what it is, a place called Cheyenne Mountain.
The computer he was hacking/talking to thinks that David was the original creator of the computer and calls him back to continue the game, making David hack the military again. He is arrested by the FBI and taken to Cheyenne Mountain and realises he will be charged with some kind of federal felony, or probably causing World War Three. Protesting his innocence gets him nowhere, so he eventually ESCAPES CUSTODY to MEET UP WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND. Good plan, Stan! 

I won't spoil any more of the film incase you haven't seen the film either. It's good though, I really really enjoyed it.
I loved all the Soviet references, though they didn't mention West or East Germany, which would have dated the film even more than the technology featured in it. I gotta say though, it was cool to see what could be done with hacking back in the 80s. Or even a computer. It was spread across his entire desk, and even then it stretched back onto a second desk, I believe. Crazy! The floppy disk drive was probably the size of my X Box.
I felt kinda gross finding Matthew Broderick attractive... I think that's all can be said for that. Is the girl the one from the Breakfast Club?
I loved the outfits, a lot of what Broderick wears I have seen on people recently. It's just jeans and a tshirt and a hoodie!

Anyone that follows me on Twitter will have seen the freakout I had about the police helicopters that circle the area at night (hasn't happened tonight, first time in weeks). There was a scene in the film where David and his girl are pursued by an unidentified helicopter, and they huddle in a ball infront of it whilst bathed in a spotlight. If I ever made a film, I would love something cheesy like that in it! Classic.

 Then, after I finished the film I thought I would watch another one, and Netflix recommended Hackers, which I had never seen in full. I really like Jonny Lee Miller, who is in Trainspotting and also Elementary. I love his weird bleached hair. It's really.. 90s.. but I can't help but think there are probably still people doing that to their hair now.
So, anyway, this is a cult classic. Cyberpunk is really up my alley. Well, any -punk I guess. I love Angelina Jolie's hair in this film! Looks a bit like a mullet but it would be so cool! And the outfits, wow wow wow.
Okay, distracted again.

This film is a bit different. Times have changed and now hackers are getting a bad rep. Dade (that is NOT a name) somethingoranother, AKA Zero Cool, is 11 when he sets a virus off whilst hacking and makes the Wall Street Stockmarket thingy drop SEVEN POINTS. ERMAGAHD.
Seriously though, it must be bad since he isn't allowed near a computer or a "touch tone telephone" (???) until he is eighteen. TIME SKIP.
His mother is surprised when, on his eighteenth birthday he receives a computer and doesn't sleep for days. I'm not trying to insinuate anything rude but, hey, a man's gonna do... NO. NO NO NO. He is just hacking a television station, mom! Okay, she says.
This film made me want to live in New York so much. They seem to have a massive amount of freedom, even ZERO COOL, though he has a record and can't risk being caught doing anything untoward. So, he falls in with the bad crowd, the punks, the hackers. GOOD MOVE.

It's a twist on the usual heist trope in that the group has to pull off the ultimate heist to prove their innocence. Robin Hood meets Oceans Eleven? But with Angelina Jolie in a skin tight outfit. Twit-twoo.

I couldn't help but feel like most of the cast were taking hard drugs during production of this film though. It's too late to do research on this very harsh statement, so I apologise if that is incorrect. Though, given both Jolie and Miller have spoken out about doing hard drugs in the 90s, I don't think anyone could blame me.
Also, I love Jesse Bradford. Did I say that yet? I loved his braces, I loved that he is just so cute, I loved that shower scene where I briefly got to see his butt.

Okay, well, just thought I'd keep up to date with at least something.

If you've seen these films and have any recommendations for me, let me know!
If you haven't seen either of these films, please watch them! 

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  1. Hackers is my husband's all time favorite movie-he can quote the whole thing, lol. I thought it was um, interesting hehe :)