2 June 2014

The Lazy Reader

Maybe I should rename my blog this. I have been quite quiet on the western front for the past two weeks.
The reasons are two-fold.

  1. I'm really lazy.
  2. Family Crisis.
Firstly, I'll explain point one.
I'm really lazy. Like, I got to the point that I was one book ahead of target with my Goodreads challenge and just plateaued for weeks. In the end, I just had no motivation to continue reading, especially when, after re-reading a book, it didn't count towards my total books read. And I've re-read the second book in the series already but can't bring myself to add that on because it DOES NOT COUNT!

Also, with the laziness, sometimes I write out a plan for a blog post and get really tired after work and don't post what I've written in my notebook. Which is annoying because I've taken the time to write it out, but I just think "Ah, that's good enough for now" and leave it to type up another day, WHICH NEVER HAPPENS.
I haven't even posted how shit I thought Allegiant was because I wrote a massive rant about it in my notebook in January and have been too lazy to type it up. It's really good, as well. Luckily, as I mentioned, I have been re-reading the Divergent Trilogy so will probably write out but not post how much I didn't like the series after re-reading it.

This statement is not factually accurate. Infact, I really enjoyed reading Divergent and was less impressed by Insurgent than I was the first time around. Originally, I thought Divergent was poo, but I have reassessed and have decided that it was the best in the series. I haven't read Allegiant again yet, and neither do I want to.

So anyway, today I have started properly reading again. I am almost halfway through one of the books I brought home from my mini-break to Bristol. Which I was going to post about... Damn it.
I'll write about that tomorrow.
I'm really enjoying it - The Spook's Apprentice by Joseph Delacey. Apparently it's being made into a film? Sounds cool. It's pretty tense for a kids book. Like, my pulse is speeding up while I'm reading this book, I'm kinda scared. And it's not YA, it's a full on kids book. I checked.

Anyway, on to reason two.
We had another death in the family. Not my family, but my boyfriends. It was a massive shock, and my head has just been reeling all week. I'm still not quite sure what day it is, as my brain has just been going overboard all week. 
I'm gutted that his granddad died, because we used to see each other on the bus a lot and he would give me sweets. Such a generous, funny man. He was the type of guy that just lit up the room. There isn't any real way for me to describe him, because although I knew him for five years, it's all emotional memories - how I felt when I got to see him. Like when someone tells a subtle joke, but you're the only one to hear it. And there's a sly nod and a wink to show you understood, but the other people in the room just ignore it? You know what I mean?
Anyway, poor Bud.

Not only that, but it was the first anniversary of my own granddad's death on Friday, so it's been a bit of a tender week for me.
I was a quite sad when I realised that collectively we have run out of Taid's for our little family.
Taid is Welsh for Granddad.

I spent a couple of hours rewriting the eulogy up for Dami's nan, and I'm going to make a nice copy on some blank paper for the funeral.

I have a day off tomorrow so maybe I should write some stuff up.
I have already started my TTT post for this week. Kinda glad I only missed the DIY TTT theme. 

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