29 June 2014

Sunday Summary

This week feels like it's been a long one, but in reality it's gone very quickly.
We have had quite a few treats this week, and have a couple more coming up. 
I had some bad news about my nan - she's been in hospital again and has a massive gash on her head. On the flippety flop, she's absolutely fine.
Damien bought a WiiU. We have wanted one for a while and it's so amazing. We had a Mariokart8 competition. Also I have a way to watch Netflix again on the TV. (The Playstation Triple won't connect to the internet for longer than two minutes.)
Other stuff happened.. Was it only this week that we got kicked out of the World Cup??

I've been trying to work my way through Cress this week, and I love it
But I don't want to finish it!!!
I have a week off this week though so I know I'm going to end up finishing it and having to read a new book.

Well, to distract myself from reading and eating, I've started rewatching the Gilmore Girls
It is awesome, I love yelling abuse at Dean/Sam Winchester/Moose.
Also I've been watching Legend of Korra.
So funny, cannot wait for next weeks episode!

What else started this week? True Blood, Teen Wolf, The Fosters, and I've been watching Pretty Little Liars as well.

Next week is going to be awesome:
We're going to Manchester and Blackpool and have I mentioned how much I miss England?

I have to go, but this has been fun. Thank you very much to Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity as I love her Sunday posts.
Gwyn has been meowing to be let out for over an hour so I should probably go see to that.

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  1. Oh no I hope you nan's okay, I know you said she is, but there's nothing worse than when your family is in the hospital it's just so stressful. I am extremely jealous of your WiiU I keep thinking I want one, but it's just cos I love Mario so I don't think I could justify the expense not even for the cool internet type features cos I already went and splashed out on a smart TV for my room (it's small and mighty).

    I am so with you with the ending of Cress, I fully feel I should have put the series off a bit longer and waited until the forth book now I'm stuck waiting, it's awful, luckily I'm in a good reading streak so I don't get an awful book hangover when I finished. I think it helps I need reading material for my commute.

    I'm glad you like my Sunday posts, it helps to encourage me to get out of bed on Sundays, I fully embrace today as a day of doing absolutely nothing. Now go, your cat demands attention, mine would have started harassing me if I hadn't met it's demands within about fifteen minutes. Now I've written an essay of a comment I shall leave you :P