22 April 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #7

Hello again for another Top Ten Tuesday! TTT is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish for which we list our bookish passions. 
This week, we have a little control on the list, with the topic "Top Ten Characters who (X)".
At the time of planning this entry, I was reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and went for "Top Ten Characters who are unnecessarily killed by the author" - however - I have decided to try for "died prematurely" as I could only get to seven with my original TTT.
Also, this gives me room to explore deaths which weren't unnecessary but were abrupt!

As always, I'm going to chose the most important death from a single book/series, or it would just be a whole list of Harry Potter/Hunger Games.
Can you please be aware that this is going to be spoiler-ridden? Also, I am still catching up so most of the fiction I'm reading is from 2/3 years ago so you probably already know!

Remus Lupin in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Damn you, J.K., he had so much more to do with his life! Also, I wanted to throw Tonks in, but just Reeeemuuuuuuus.... Oh, the feels.

Tris in Divergent
This was in my unnecessary list, because although born of war, I think Tris could have been instrumental in the rebuilding of Chicago. Especially with incorporating the five factions into a functional lifestyle.
Also Four/Tris. Also, the feels.

Finnick Odair in Mockingjay
Just completely stupid and more to do with putting the death count up IMO. Prematurely dead, unnecessarily dead. I just wanted him to be happy. Why could he not just be happy?

Alby in The Maze Runner
I think that, had he not died, he would play an important part in book two.
I've not read it yet - don't tell me!

Jesse from the Morganville series
I just am upset that nothing ever works out for my favourite bunny-slippered mad man!
Also, Jesse was amazing. Historical royal figure mincing around like a biker chick? This is why I love alt history!

Khal Drogo in A Song of Ice and Fire
ERMAGAHD. I almost forgot this one. I want to know what would have happened if he'd've lived - does anyone have any quality fanfiction?

Alaska in Looking for Alaska
Prematurely taken literally for Alaska. She was way, way too young. And anyway, to be continued is to be continued! Poor Pudge.

Max from The Mortal Instruments
Such a sad death, especially because he was so young and had so much potential.

Will's Dad in His Dark Materials
Literally died minutes before his son found him!
Grasping at straws now...
Last one...

Elena in the Vampire Diaries books
She dies so prematurely that LJ brings her back due to popular demand!

Okay, so I made that harder for myself than I thought...
Any suggestions to replace my horrifically obvious failing?

Actually, don't suggest because if I haven't mentioned it, I probably haven't read it yet!


  1. Oh dear someone dies in Fangirl? Yikes. I won't even read this list, I noticed a few of the titles I haven't read yet. I do know HP features here so I'll talk about that.
    HOW ABOUT LAST BOOK EH? Lawd. About killed me every 100 pages. Mental, and so uncool! Can you imagine if she went on and killed Ron as she planned?! I die. I'd just die.
    As for Divergent... Well I have to admit I wasn't sad finishing the series. :L Oops. Maybe I was just glad the romance was done. :X

    1. Oh, Jesus, no! No one dies in Fangirl! I was just reading it at the time and Cath writes a lot of fan fiction and contemplates killing one of her characters off!
      SHE PLANNED TO KILL RON OMG WHAT?! I WOULD DIE TOO! Was she planning on killing Ginny off too so she could force Harry and Hermione together?!? I know that's what she wanted!
      And yeah, I posted a comment on your list about Divergent and I was not sad to see the end of it really. I thought that Allegiant was the weakest in the series #unpopularopinion #truthbomb

  2. great list. I don't know about you but when Tris died that just ruined the whole series for me--and I've never forgiven JK Rowling for killing off Dumbledore. sad :( thanks for stopping by today. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  3. Finnick! His death was the hardest for me in the hunger games!! Great job on picking such a creative topic! I can't believe Elena dies in the Vampire Diaries books- I love the show but haven't gotten around to reading the series, I wonder how different it is!

  4. Tris dies?!?! Oh no!.. I'm only half way through book two! (I know I"m late the game on these...) Ok. I need shut down my computer for awhile....

  5. Tris....WAS UNCALLED FOR. So was Finnick. Not okay.

    My Top Ten Tuesday is here.