25 April 2014

First Blogoversary and Giveaway

I cannot believe that I have been blogging for over a year!!
Feels like no time at all!
Here's a crazy accurate gif of my excited dancing:

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has joined me in the last year. I am really appreciative that you keep coming back to read what comes out of my crazy head. And mouth. And fingers, I guess..
I have had such a fantastic year of reading and re-reading and it's mostly thanks to you guys, because I love all of your reviews and recommendations.


To round off a great year, Cristina from Girl in the Pages nominated me for the Liebster Award the other day! I am so proud, I've literally told everyone, so thank you very much Cristina!
I am currently planning out my post and choosing my nominations, I've had a heck of a time answering the question 'which character do you most identify with?' because I'd say a mix of all of them!
Currently writing facts about myself, so it won't be long!

I want to do something special, and I know that City of Heavenly Fire is out soon and probably everyone had a copy pre-ordered, but I want to hold a giveaway!

So, one lucky follower is going to receive a copy of City of Heavenly Fire on me, and I'll preorder it to your address if you win. Sound good?
Okay so, all you have to do isssss
Enter the Rafflecopter thingy below. Extra entries for following me on Twitter (which I am trying to use more often), tweeting about the giveaway and leaving a comment on the ole bloggeroo. You'll barely break a sweat!

And you wanna know the really great thing? I have literally 20 followers as of today, so your chances are one in twenty!
I mean, at the minute...

Thank you for making this year worth it, and hopefully this next year will be as brilliant!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Congratulations on blogging for a year. Mega achievement, I can't wait to see if I make it that long. And congratulations on your nominations, that is another amazing achievement, it's going well for you isn't it. You just need another good thing to happen and you will have your three good things.

    Love the giveaway though, it's such a good giveaway as well. No better way to celebrate though, except maybe a few balloons.

  2. Can't wait to read your Liebster Blog Post!

  3. Great giveaway post! Only found you recently - I like reading UK-based blogs, soo many are US.

    I've a giveaway live too, feel free to enter :)