13 April 2014

Divergent Movie

So, I literally just got home this second but ermagahd.

I loved this film so much (if the image has been deleted, I went to see the Divergent movie) much more than I can remember loving the book.
Also, it made me want to re-read the book so I guess that's great.

Not gonna do a review or anything, just wanted to let everyone know that I've finally seen it and had a really great time.
Of course, I was sat bolt upright through most of the film. That's how you can tell I'm concentrating on what's going on!

There were some moments where I felt removed from the film because I saw "mistakes", but I might have just forgotten what happened in the film. It was mainly when, during the attack sim, the train has stopped for everyone to get on. I didn't think that happened.
Also, doesn't Tris get thrown into a hole in the Pit? There's water. Also, she smells soap and is like, "Will?"
I haven't read this book in so long, I didn't even remember what happened to Janine, if that is what happened.

Ohhhh, might have to start reading it again right now. Me and Paper Towns aren't getting along that well and I don't really have anything else on my Kindle for nighttime.
I know it says I am reading Fangirl on the sidebar but I haven't even had a chance to pick it up yet.
Busiest and longest two weeks ever. No volunteering now for a bit though so I'll have two days off again.

Back to work in the morning, so it's goodnight from me!

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