20 March 2014

The 100

Can't help but immediately love this show.
For one reason only,
Eliza Taylor.

I fucking love this girl. Loved her in the Sleepover Club, love love loved her as Janae Timmins in Neighbours.
Now I have two Neighbours residents to watch during the week - Eliza and Caitlin Stacey on Reign. Did I mention that I really like that show, too?

Anyway, she's the voice of reason for the band of delinquents sent to Earth.
Bellamy (Bobby Morley), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos),
Finn (Thomas McDonell), Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Wells (Eli Goree)

The show is a post-apocalyptic drama basedonthebookofthesamename-- Wait, based on a book?
Search: Kass Morgan.
E-book. No, this can't wait.

Sorry, where was I?
Ah, yes. So, this series is a post-apocalyptic drama series. It focuses on a group of 100 teenagers who have been locked up in kind of like a juvenile detention area on their massive space base. Oh yeah, they're in space.
Basically, Clarke tells us that 97 years ago, there was a nuclear war that knocked out all life on the planet. Well, human life. Luckily, there were loads of people in international space stations at that exact moment, and so the human race survives. All the space stations are sellotaped together to form one massive station, and so civilization begins again.
Skip forward to now. Earth is 'simmering' in radiation and it's widely known that they have another 100 years until it settles down enough for everyone to get back on the ground. But, there's a problem. They don't have the time.
They're sending a test mission to Earth to see how habitable the planet is, and they're sending the kids.

So, Clarke is just minding her own business in solitary confinement, when all of a sudden two men come to take her away. She ain't having that. She escapes her cell after fighting the guards, only to run into her mother. She explains that Clarke is going to Earth, not being executed, and that she needs to keep safe before Clarke gets shot with a tranquilizer.

When she wakes up, she's already on the shuttle back to Earth. She's sitting next to her old friend, Wells, who she isn't happy to see.
Apparently he got himself arrested (and banished) just so he could come along.
Wells' dad is the bloke in charge, and comes on the TV screens like "Prisoners! Here me now!" like Ali G.
All the kids have been chosen because they are expendable, he tells them. Don't worry, you've been cleared of your crimes.
"Your dad's a dick, Wells!"

While on the descent, one kid starts floating in the middle of the shuttle. Dangerous business since gravity will kick in at any second. He seems unconcerned. Two other lads try to join in, but the parachutes deploy and they die instantly after crashing into the wall.
Finn survives.
During the chaos, Wells apologises for getting Clarke's dad arrested. He doesn't want to die with her hating him. She does hate him though, because he was executed, not arrested. Dead man floating.

After landing, everyone's in a hurry to get off the ship. "Bellamy?" asks a girl we haven't met yet.
"That's the girl who hid under the floor" comes a very loud whisper from the crowd.
It's clear the two are related, and she's mad that he's here. He's not supposed to be. He did something bad just to get on the ship. Anyway, they're brother and sister, and siblings aren't allowed.
Just in case you missed it earlier, a girl shouts "That's Octavia Blake, they found her hidden in the floor!"
To give them something else to remember her by, her brother lets her be the first onto solid land in 100 years.
"We're back bitchessssssss!"

Oh man, I love this show already. Can't wait until next week.
Obviously, that's not the whole episode.

They've been dropped on the wrong damn mountain, and Clarke knows how to get them to where they need to be. Unfortunately, Clarke and Wells are the only kids that realise that keeping to the mission objective is what's going to keep them alive. They need to get to Mount Weather.
They landed like 20 miles away. It's fiiiiiiiiiine.

Leo from Being Erica saunters over with a quick tongue, but Wells blocks him off. The Independence Party storms over to protect Leo, and there is a massive argument about what the group should do. Most of the others don't like Wells or Clarke because they are 'privileged', and send them to go collect the food on their own. Then one of the guys kicks Wells in the leg, so only Clarke is going.
She recruits a team, including rebel leader's sister, Octavia, and off they go.

Actually, before they go, Clarke tells Finn that if he takes his wristband off, the people back in space will think they are dead and won't come down to repopulate the Earth. Bellamy hears this and stores it away for evil genius purposes.
Aaaand, off they go.

It's pretty much a get to know you from here on out. The planet seems to have no animal life, as Clarke's group are able to sleep on the ground in a forest in complete safety. Oh wait, they saw a deer which had two fucking heads. And like a massive eel that tried to bit Occy's leg off in the river.

It starts raining, which Clarke's mum thinks is amazing.
Oh, and Wells' dad has been shot by some janitor, who also happens to be Bellamy. Clarke's mum almost gets executed by some dick who has assumed control after Wells' dad, and all because she used too much blood trying to save him.
She gets judged and sentenced to death by floating. Sounds fun.
Appealing to this guy is his wife and her best friend. She reveals he also killed Clarke's dad, who was his best friend. He wants a monopoly on something.
At the last minute, Commander Wells' dad appears and pardons her.

Back at the shuttle, Bellamy has convinced almost everyone to take their wristband things off so that the crew back in space think everyone has died. Ulterior motive: he wants to stay alive, and they will kill him when they find him. He just wants to be with his sister. I can see him being a problem.

We end the episode with Jasper, aka Leo, swinging over the eel river onto dry land, Tarzan-style. After saving Occy's life earlier in the episode, he can't help but feel victorious.
And at the same time I'm thinking "where's the other shoe?" It can't be that easy for them.
And then it hits them. Or him. Specifically, Jasper.
Oh, and 'it' is a massive wooden spike.

There are some really amazing bits of dialogue, the writing is fantastic. It kind of reminds me of Firefly, but I hope this one lasts longer than a series.
Visually, it does not disappoint. The CG is realistic - see picture of two headed deer upstairs - the landscapes are beautiful, even the costumes seem perfect. As I said, the dialogue is appropriate, realistic and smart.
The plot is suspenseful and interesting. It's just the perfect pilot. I really hope the rest of the series is as good. There was a little teaser for the rest of the season at the end, which looked so intense. I just cannot wait until next week. And with no endgame in sight, we could literally be taken anywhere with this series.

Oh, so excite.

I really hope you watch the pilot, let me know what you think!

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  1. I'm so glad that someone else knows her from Neighbours! I loved that family, it just hasn't been as good since. Did you hear that they're making a Neighbours zombie episode online thing? That could be just a rumour. This pilot episode was so freaking good though. I liked StarCrossed but I'm not as excited about it and need to catch up. Didn't know this was a book though, I'm going to grab a copy as soon as I can. MUST. DEVOUR.

    ★ Under The Mountain ★