26 March 2014

My Poor Little Kitty


Gwyn hasn't been very happy the past couple of days because she's been wearing the cone of shame.
She's gouged two massive chunks out of her neck, so she'll be a cone head for a couple of weeks.

I feel bad for her because she got a big box of treats that came with the cone, and she's not really touched any of them! She got a scratching board, and a scratching post, some anti-itching spray and some cat nip. Her favourite present was the bloody box!
Here she is, in her favourite present.

Anyway, now she's properly sucking up to both of us. I think she just wants someone to itch her where she can't reach. I had to give her a sponge bath yesterday, which she wasn't keen on, but tolerated. And she's been sleeping on the bed again: last night she tried to sleep right in the middle of the bed.
She doesn't generally like being near us, so when she's like this it's kind of a treat.
And I say "kind of" because she has the smelliest fish breath I've even encountered.

She's the funniest thing. Getting all in our faces for some cuddles!
I can't wait for her to be all healed up though so she can get that cone off. Poor little old lady!

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