5 March 2014


Jessa relapsed thanks to that British guy from rehab.
Hannah has realised her mistake of taking Jessa out too early.
Hannah and Adam are really going somewhere with their lives and relationship - everything's coming up them.
Adam got the part in the Broadway play, though Hannah is worried because she has been told by some famous bitch that he's going to start being an absolute dick now.
Marnie is spiraling into a depression after that annoying fuck, Ray, dumps her. Not that she's in this episode, just wanna keep you up to date.

This episode:
We jump straight in with Hannah getting a call from her mum saying her nan is dying, and she has to go see her to say goodbye asap.
Shocked, Hannah starts packing immediately.
Adam says the only thing he remembers about his nan is that she had really rough skin and spit a lot, but Hannah is like my nan has skin like a kittens ear.

Cut to hospital. Hannah's aunt Margot is doing weird mouth exercises. Margot is the epitome of a crazy aunt! Full of vim and vinegar and cuss words.
My face just crinkled up when we got to see Hannah's nan! She's so sweet! I loved Hannah's immediate, if unintentional, egocentricity. She tells Flo that pneumonia isn't so bad, she had it as a kid and got to watch TV for two weeks. Uh. What?
But, I see where she gets it from as pretty much all the women in her family are like that.

Outside the hospital, Hannah's mum really opens up about her mother.
"You think that you’ve accepted that your mother wasn’t that good. And then you realize that you’ve always had this hope that there would be some sort of conversation where you two would have some sort of breakthrough. When they die, that conversation can never come."
It's sad that she feels that way, when she's unintentionally making Hannah feel exactly the same thing (see end of episode).
Loreen then asks Hannah to tell Flo that she's marrying Adam. Even though she's not.

Margot tells Hannah off for being Hannah. Apparently when she was seven, she told her cousin that her dad got arrested for insider trading.
"And the worst part was when you told her she was never going to see him again!"
"But.. She didn't, um, ever see him again, so..?"

Hannahs cousin, the girl from Spanglish, is cramming and studying for med school.
Hannah says how she likes Greys Anatomy, and Rebecca cuts back with how she feels like everyone says that and it diminishes what she's doing because she's planning on becoming a doctor, not marrying one FGS HANNAH!
And she's not fulfilling YOUR dream, Hannah! She's not studying 15 hours a day just so you can constantly harass her with medical questions, GOSH.
After insulting Hannah a whole lot, she asks her if she wants to go get a drink later, which Hannah is confused about but agrees to.
I would probably compare Spangs to Shosh, in this scene. I don't know, something about the 2D personality.

Cut to the three sisters divvying up the pills.
They're discussing who gets what when their mother finally kicks it, but obviously it's not going so well.
Sissy says she'll just take the engagement ring, which sparks a massive argument about heritage and how it should progress through the family - and the penny finally drops on Hannah's fake engagement.

Meanwhile, Hannah is on the phone to Adam just talking about her day. She tells him about her mothers crazy request which sparks a commitment talk. Adam's lack of enthusiasm (about anything) and also the fact that he's needed in rehearsal causes Hannah to cut it short by saying how stressed and angry the conversation is making her.

Back to the sisters, where it shocks them to know that Hannah and Rebecca are going out for a drink, despite Rebecca's heavy studying schedule.

At the bar, we get to know more about Rebecca. Hannah confronts her about her rude behaviour, which Rebecca tries to pin on the father/insider trading revelation as kids. She doesn't have many girl friends, and her boyfriend seems like more of a bootycall, although she is so exhaustingly inhuman that she see's that as the perfect relationship (probably because she doesn't have to open up.)
She then goes on to diss writers, and I quote:
"Rick was a writer and he just like made everything about himself and he was exhausting to be around and it just made me realise that writers are just like [scoff] this ridiculous class of people who just make everything about themselves and they tend to have really strange, bizare eating habits--"
"Rebecca, if you hate me so much then why did you wanna hang out with me?"
Because, yeah, in this instance, Rebecca is quite literally talking smack about Hannah in front of her.
This breaks down quite quickly into a dissing match, though Hannah makes it quite clear that she does want a real relationship with her cousin.

Rebecca drives them both to the hospital to see their nan, whose health is deteriorating. Rebecca gets a text from her mum and replies whilst driving (future doctor, yo) and crashes into a parked car.

Rebecca gets whiplash and Hannah gets a small scratch on her head. Previous to this, Hannah has sent Adam a text which reads "car crash" so he races over on his new boy friend/actor buddy's bike. Silly billy.
The mothers are close behind, and there is a really awkward meeting for Loreen and Adam as the sisters deteriorate into yet another argument about who's got the best life and who gets what (broken up by Sissy screaming "Our mother is upstairs NAKED AND DYING. SHE IS NAKED.... AND DYING."
Just another enchilada night at Adams parents house.

Hannah wakes up her dying grandmother just to introduce her to Adam, where she explains that she's not really up to meeting strangers.
Adam announces their engagement, and Flo has some words of advice for them.

Mum thanks the two for making Flo happy, and Adam makes his excuses and heads back to the City. Hannah jokingly remarks to her mother, "If grandma lives, we're gonna have to get married, right?" and gets the reply "Yeah, keep the job not the guy, right?"
"Wait, what?"

Loreen really doesn't like Adam, not that she knows him. She wants someone better for her only daughter - someone that she won't have to 'socialise like a dog' because he's so awkward. But, what? She doesn't get to decide. And with the most adult attitude I've ever seen on Hannah, she says: "He just did something very nice for you, and you're being very unkind."

That is one red cheek you have there, Loreen.

Everyone sleeps in the hallway that night, but Hannah wakes up alone.
Everyone's in Flo's room because shes made a miraculous recovery. And eaten a cheese sandwich.

Relaxed, the sisters discuss becoming closer and meeting up next Easter.
In her room, Flo can tell that somethings wrong with Hannah, but she brushes it off. You can tell her mothers words are weighing heavy on her.
"People aren't always right" says nana Flo. It's a very uplifting scene, and we fade out looking forward to a future full of possibilities.

As Hannah gets back into the City, she gets a call from Rebecca saying their Grandma's dead. She had a heart attack.
And Hannas just standing there in the middle of the road as the world goes on around her.

I always feel like the episodes that aren't set in New York are Other. Do you know what I mean? It's like NYC is like a bubble universe, something all of it's own creation and anything that happens outside of that area is Other.
I don't know. Great episode though, cannot wait to see what happens in the final three episodes.
I think she's going to break up with Adam.

Do you watch Girls?
If you don't, you really need to. It's amazing.

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