26 February 2014


Now that we're over the mid-season hump, the will-they-won't-they cancellation period, I can finally express how invested I am in this series. I'm so used to ABC Family cancelling every show that I love that I have a chip on my shoulder about it. 

Anyway, we're a couple of episodes into the second half of the season and things are really heating up.
Turns out the new kid at school is Danny's old roommate from juvi/prison or wherever he was after "The Event".

Maybe I should quickly recap the series:

Danny has just come back to school after spending five years in juvenile detention. He's trying to fit back into society, rekindling old friendships, but people are wary of him. His crime: killing his aunt.
Then one of the girls from his school is brutally murdered, and he is accused of killing her as well. Together with his childhood friends, Danny strives to prove his innocence, whilst protecting his motive behind his aunts murder.
Lacey (Kylie Bunbury), Danny (Avan Jogia) and Jo (Maddie Hasson)
Twisted is a thriller/mystery, and there are like CW levels of drama. I am really enjoying Tuesday night TV at the minute because Wednesday becomes my murder-mystery day! Pretty Little Liars followed by Twisted, with Supernatural later that night.
Can't wait to get to Canada so that I can watch at the same time as everyone else! I bet by the time I get there, all my favourite programs will be finished or cancelled!

Anyway, yesterdays episode was full of intrigue. I want to know all about Danny's old roommate - why was he locked up? Why is he going after both Lacey AND Jo? Is he going to be a red herring? 
Yet more drama with Lacey and Danny. I wish they'd just break up and get it over with.
It's going to happen soon since Vikrum has been discovered, and SOMEBODY witnessed the crime other than Danny and Jo.
Danny's mum is still hooking up with that cute dockworker guy, who later gives Danny a car. 
Jo's mum is still pining for Vikrum, and get's caught out when Beaver hacks into the voicemail on his phone and replays the message to her husband.
Jo turns down Rico, yet again, but sets him up with a really hot mathlete. Then she falls for the suspicious new guy whilst cleaning up after the dance. He is going to kill somebody. Either that, or he will round out the group and make what is always an awkward love triangle more of a double date detective agency.

Next week: 
Jo's mum gets detained for covering up Vikrum's... life? He was alive after all, and she did withhold that information from her husband, "THE CHIEF OF POLICE!"
NewBoy continues to pretend not to know Danny.
Danny pretends not to have killed his dad.
Lacey pretends to know what she's going on about.

It's on the UK Netflix, so you have no excuse not to watch it.
And please do, so that it doesn't get cancelled!

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