13 January 2014

TV Premiere

Girls series three has finally made an appearance!

We're starting off on a positive point this series, so hopefully it carries on through to the end! Not that I didn't love series two, but I just want Hannah and the gang to be happy for once!
Last year was such a gritty year and I felt it in my heart. There are points when I think, "Lena Dunham is expressing my life!" and others where I am just absorbed into the bizarre story. It's such an honest look at post-university life for people who are 20-something and floundering in the post depression job-lock.
Well, just a look at modern life in general. A brutal look at it, no Disney in Dunham's veins.

I think everyone should watch this show.

I love Dunham's character Hannah. She's smart and witty and weird and a writer and everything I would like to be. Her style is fantastic, her hair (in series one) is exactly what I wish mine would look like.
Shosh is the person that I am at work. Talkative, funny, full of pop-culture references. She's a little naive but in the best way.
Jessa is the one that I love to hate. She's obnoxious and grating but so effortlessly cool. She doesn't give a shit.
Marnie is the put-together girl who loses her shit. Her tumble from grace was devastatingly delicious to watch. She's gonna rebuild bigger and better but while she's down, she's so human.
And then there's Adam.
I didn't think anyone would put such a complex and utterly insane character onto the television. Like, ever.
My boyfriend has 'Adam moments', I saw it today in "Females Only". Antisocial because he doesn't like the pointless, inane chatter that people do.

Can't wait until next week to see episode three.
Have you seen Girls?
Are you a fan?

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