10 January 2014

Film Talk

City of Bones (film)

I have put off reading this book so often. I think it's because I've built it up so much in my mind.
I know I'm going to enjoy it, and I'm really looking forward to immersing myself in it. I'm scared it will disappoint me now, though.

I managed to avoid so many spoilers when the film was released and even wrote this post about how I was going to start a prediction jar.
I don't know how to say it.
It all went out of the window.
I was traveling back to Bristol and it was on my Kindle and I just.. watched it.

Twenty minutes into the film, I pause it. I have to find an electronic copy of the book. My Kindle is wireless only and I'm on a train in the middle of nowhere with no signal.
You don't know the feeling. It was like an urgent, hungry gnawing for knowledge. I needed to know.
If I'd have had the e-book with me, I'd have turned the film off then and there and spent the next two hours devouring every inch of that sweet, sweet storymeat. Unfortunately, I didn't, so I carried on watching the film.
I loved it, I really did. I know it was a total flop, and loads if not all of you hated it, but I thought it was good. I did this with The Hunger Games. I loved the film, then read the book and loved it more. Can you imagine how awesome I think this book is going to be?
I couldn't believe I'd stopped reading about 20 pages before the action kicked in. 

I did lose interest as I was approaching Bristol Temple Meads. It was literally the last 20 mins and I kinda gave up. I got myself all excited at the beginning and there was too much CGI/special effects and it was such a dark copy of the film.
I have pre-ordered the DVD ready to see what I've missed, but I totally need to read this book now.
A friend recommended me this book in 2010, so I've had at least four years.

Which did you prefer? Book or film?

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