12 January 2014

Bout of Books, Day 7.

Wow, that week went fast.
I've managed to read two books so far, and onto the third. I know I won't get it finished by midnight, but I'm just trying to enjoy it.
This week I've read City of Ember, which I spoke about here.
The second book I read was a little manga called Baron: The Cat Returns. It is the basis for the anime film The Cat Returns.

I'm a massive Studio Ghibli fan (everything is Totoro covered) and was given this book by a friend a few years ago. I picked it up and read it within the day, just a short fun thing to read.

Found here, where you can actually read the whole thing.

So that's me done for Bout of Books 9.0.
I read around 640 pages this week which is amazing for me.
Now, back to I Am Number Four. Might watch the film again tomorrow, I can remember it being quite poor though.
The book is lovely, I'm really getting into it. Can't wait to see how everything plays out.

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