1 January 2014

Birthday Present

My birthday was a while ago now, but I did get an extra special present that I just have to tell you about.

My boyfriend bought me a Kindle Fire!

I've been debating getting one of the next gen e-readers for almost six months, since my Kindle Keyboard broke. I was lucky enough to receive a Kindle Fire as a joint birthday present from Damien, and I've used it almost every day since. Most of the time I use it for books, but I love that I can play Cook, Serve, Delicious! on it or watch films if I want to.

In May, I asked Kat O'Keeffe her opinion on the Kindle Fire, because I'd recently watched her Unboxing Video for the larger screen KFHD. She said:
I'd been debating getting one for a good few months, but ultimately decided it was a lot of money for something I wouldn't use too often. Especially since I'm trying to save some money.
I was so wrong.
It's been a permanent fixture in my handbag: I carry it wherever I go, just incase I get stuck somewhere.

Stock photo of a Kindle Fire from Amazon
Actually, that's a white lie because I did go to my local Ryman's with the intention of buying one. It was the week that a newer version of the Kindle was released and they had discontinued the original Kindle Fire.
I know what you're thinking - why not just buy the HD version for a small amount more?
Honestly, I'm the worst person with technology. See this post.
I'm not to be trusted.

Anyway, Dami had one traded into his work so he bought it for me! I have been really lucky because it was almost brand new, whoever had owned it before me definitely took care of it.

 From a company standpoint, I can see that it's probably bad to encourage buying second hand, but I think supporting local business is just as important. And I still have to buy the books!

This was definitely the best birthday present, as I've made quite a few long journeys in the past two months. It's been worth it just to be able to stick a film on and watch the time fly!

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