4 October 2013

Television Nut!

I've been watching almost criminal amounts of television over the past couple of weeks! I discovered Netflix not long ago and just zoomed through most of the interesting (to me) content in like a month.

There isn't usually that much television on during the summer, but I did get into this new ABC Family show called Camp. It was quite interesting and I love the idea of going away for a couple of weeks to do this sort of thing! A couple of years ago I really got into this summer camp show by ABC Family called Huge which was cancelled after one series so I hope this doesn't follow in the same footsteps!

Obviously, after that I had to watch Dance Academy and I liked that as well. It was weird to see the actors looking so young though!

Look at their faces! So cute!

I watched the new series of True Blood and thought it was lacking something. Fairy Vampire Prince didn't really give it enough edge. /sarcasm
Usually, I would wait to watch Trubie with Dami, but he wanted to wait until the series was finished and I am like really impatient so I just watched it without him. I'm not going to watch it again though.
Loved the books, not so much a fan of the TV series.

I finally started watching The Secret Circle and am on episode 11 or 12. I'm really gutted they
cancelled the series as it's really interesting and I am absolutely loving Britt Robertson in everything! She's so cute!
I feel like I'm stalking her because I've also been watching Life Unexpected and Under The Dome. TV and Netflix are good to me!
I've written a separate post about Under The Dome which will be posted at the start of next week.

I found out that some of the shows I've been waiting to start again have been cancelled!
Bunheads and The Lying Game specifically. I know there are more, there always is. Really gutted as I've been waiting for both really patiently and didn't think to check Wikipedia to see if they were renewed for the season.
I think that Bunheads needed a little more time to come into its own! It's like the new Gilmore Girls, they just needed to give it a chance!
The Lying Game was clearly coming to an end, but I wanted to know all the answers to the secrets! Guess I'll have to read the books, and the same can be said for The Secret Circle!

This year is the first year after Gossip Girl and 90210, so I'm trying to find new shows to fill up my 'TV Week'. So far, we have How I Met Your Mother, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Nashville, New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Castle, Hart of Dixie and the cartoons like The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, etc.
That's pretty full, I guess..
Maybe I'm addicted to American television..
But some of these shows are either on their final season or could get cancelled!

So basically, I need some suggestions for creative new television series that are either currently airing or have a bit of a back cat!

Can I just say, well done me for figuring out how to trick Windows 8 into letting me access Internet Explorer so I could post this weird and uninteresting entry.

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