5 October 2013

Quick Predict

Dany's Prophesy

GOLD: Jorah Mormont
LOVE: Mirri Maz Duur
BLOOD: Her cousin, Aerys.

I think I need to look up the EXACT wording for this prophesy, really, but I have a feeling that Love is Mirri.
Dany was betrayed by Mirri, everyone knows this. But Dany's love for Drogo completely blinded her to the Maegi's real intent. Otherwise, I think that she would have realised she was being played and wouldn't have listened to her.
Jorah is either Love or Gold, depending on how you look at it. He betrays her for gold, but he loves her, so she could see it as a betrayal of Love.
It's ambiguous with Mirri as well, and I can't help but think I'm over-analysing this.

With the revelation of a "cousin", I think that Blood can only mean one thing.

Of course, I could be completely wrong!

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