2 October 2013

I'm Back!

A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin

Published 11 March, 2004 (Audiobook Version)

Random House Audio

Read by Roy Dotrice

ISBN-13: 978-0449011904

Book 3


It took absolutely ages to finish this book, but I loved it so so much. I was praying for it not to end by the time I was three quarters of the way through, but luckily the next book was released ages ago so it didn't really matter that much!
Couple of spoilers in this post, btw.

I finished not long after the start of my little hiatus, just as I was on my way to Leeds for the weekend. I was really gutted when I realised that I'd forgotten to pop the next book onto my phone though! Three days without Westeros! Torture!
Anyway, this is definitely my favourite in the series so far. George RR Martin (GRRM) managed to fit so much drama into one book. I honestly can't believe it. There was so much going on, so much plotting and scheming in Kings Landing. Obviously, the Red Wedding. The Purple Wedding. The Imp's Wedding. Arya's escape. Jaime's journey. Sansa and Alayne. Dany's war. Tyrion's escape and Tywin's death. The pure volume of events. Fangirling.

I like that the book was split into Steel and Snow and Blood and Gold, because I think I probably would have lost momentum if I was reading it all the way through. Not that I read it, audiobook bitchesss.
Genuinely though, there was so much going on it was almost overwhelming. I usually fall asleep listening to a chapter or two, but I got very little sleep when I was listening to this book. I had some exciting dreams when I did sleep though.

What I really liked though, is that more of the world was revealed. Jon Snow in the North let us see what was going on past the Wall, and some of that terrain. As well as the people that live in that area. Somebody say 'the King in the North'?
Dany let us get a grip on Essos, though I still don't understand why she stayed in Meereen!
Jaime and Brienne took us through Westeros. I did really like how 3d he became in this journey. You really start to feel sympathy for ol' one hand, even before it gets cut off. I didn't think he could feel emotion.

Also, my hatred for Cersei started to grow. I still love her chapters though. The one character that I absolutely LOATHE is Davos Seaworth. His chapters are so boring, and I have no time for Stannis and the Red Lady. I wish Stannis just killed him in the dungeon. No reason behind it, I just really don't enjoy his chapters as much as, say, Dany or Jon or fucking Catelyn.

Did anyone enjoy this book as much as I did?
Feels criminal to love a book so much.

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