15 August 2013


So last week I realised that Percy Jackson 2 had been released and that City of Bones is out like next Thursday or something crazy like that.. And I haven't been reading properly for a while which means... I've still not read City of Bones.

I did get really excited though and I think I posted about wanting to finish Bitter Blood by the end of Sunday just gone.
 I didn't.
I did finish it on Monday night though, and then read book 14 like straight away after. I've just finished it. Omg.

I read reviews on Bitter Blood and they vary, but a recurrent theme is that Morganville is getting better. From a writing POV. I don't really think much has changed, only that this book was a lot more like the first couple of Morganville books. There is a lot less outlandish supernatural stuff going on, since the death of the Draug, and it's mainly about picking up the pieces and rebuilding the town. Obviously, its a lot more than that, but that's the basic starting point of the book.
I liked the book, I don't think it was the greatest in the series, but I loved just coming back home to Morganville. It's a comforting feeling.
Which is why I read the next book so super fast. I didn't even mean to do it. "Just one chapter before bed," I thought. "No harm, and I want to see Claire leave Morganville. "
At 2:30am, Kindle informs me that I've read 47% of the book and my alarm clock is saying there are only 4 hours of sleep left before morning.
Work was interesting the next day though.

Fall of Night was a whirlwind of new settings, new characters and old friends. OLD friends.
I just. Feels.
I love it when the gang leave Morganville because you as the reader empathise with what they're going through emotionally. It is even mentioned in the book that Claire looks over her shoulder as an automatic reaction to the constant threat of Vampires. This is quite cool, because we see for the first time that the narrator for Claire's chapters is a bit unreliable, or neglects to relate the small body language issues that Claire herself doesn't notice. That's contradictory, but what I mean is that, although in third person, the narrator gives only the information which Claire would if the chapters were in first person.
We get to see Claire and Shane outside of their weird Morganville relationship bubble, as well,  which is always a plus in my mind. I probably should have been rooting for them to get back together, but seeing them apart is so rare these days and they work so well separately. They'll always end up back together, it's insta-love, so why not enjoy the freedom?
I can't wait for the final installment. I am a bit annoyed that Caine has done something that is a genuinely frustrating pet peeve of mine, which is to add an adversary in the penultimate book which could have been touched upon at an earlier stage. Although, in truth, if it had been mentioned earlier I might have complained about exposition and lack of context.
In general though, very well executed story. It just confirms why I love reading these books and I am sad to see them go but hold out hope for a clean break and a fantastic ending.

I bought my sister book one for Christmas. We Skyped thr other day and she was so excited about it. She read it in 8 hours and burst a blood vessel in her eye. I'm really glad she enjoyed it, it's her birthday next week and I have already bought her a couple more of the series! Might get her some Myrnin-style slippers for Christmas if she has read that far by then!

Anyway, I've had a very long day and its time for bed and some more Storm of Swords. Very close to finishing that now.
I hope to start City of Bones in the morning,  but I am off again on Friday so thats more likely!

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