4 August 2013

Book Break

So, my book break is finally coming to an end!

I've started reading Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine and I'm really enjoying just reading. As in, I got the urge so I'll do it.

What I really want to do this month is finish start reading City of Bones so that I don't get everything ruined by the film which is out at the end of this month! I thought I had more time!
Unfortunately for me, my work schedule is crazy. I can't wait for things to settle down again, but it's birthday month and festival season and just summer so everything's up in the air.

Hopefully, I'll finish Bitter Blood by the end of this week and can start reading City of Bones straight away. I already can't wait to review it because I've had such a hard time getting into the flow of the book and I hope that it changes as I read on.

Random thought: It's been raining a lot recently. Maybe that's my reading criteria: I need it to rain to want to read...

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