20 July 2013

Summer Haze

Omigosh, the past couple of weeks have been so frantic!
I started writing a post last week and completely forgot to finish it!

The last time I wrote, I was going home for a couple of days to get some R&R in. Little did I know that the four day break would be my most relaxing weekend in THREE WEEKS!

While I was at home, I didn't do very much. We went out for tea at Prezzo which was really lovely. It wasn't just the food that was great but the inside of the building was beautiful as well. On the way back we saw the charity Gromits arriving. Here's a picture of the Where's Wally one and one decorated with bolts.

I, obviously, got a wardrobe update courtesy of the bank of Mum and Dad.
My friends and I went to a club that I used to go to loads in my late teens, but when we got there I just felt old! Not a great night but it was still really nice to see old friends.

I got to see both of my nans and got a picture of all the girls on my mums side of the family (below)
My nan suffred from Bell's Palsy a couple of years ago and she still hasn't fully recovered, as you can see. She's still dead cute though.

While I was there, the weather was fantastic and we sat on College Green for a while with strawberrys and cream (pre-Wimbledon, how naughty!).
On my last day we went to a carboot sale. Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that carboots are my favourite things to go to. I will not pretend that I was expecting anything great to appear, but it seems that this is how I should always approach a carboot from now on as the book that I have been looking for for AGES was just sitting there on a stall near the end! The book, called Each Peach Pear Plum, was one of my childhood favourites and I wanted to give it to my boyfriend's nephew as a first birthday present. It's half a year later, but I've finally managed to give him the present that I wanted him to have! I just hope that he enjoys it as much as I did!

I got some other books at the carboot sale as well. I was going to buy Naughts and Crosses by Malory Blackman for £7 when I got those vouchers, but luckily I held out and managed to get it for a bargain. I got Beautiful Creatures and a book called Evermore that I've never heard of. In total I spent £1.20 and got everything I've wanted for ages.
After that I got the train back to Rhyl.
We've had a few weeks of really great weather since then, I think we're getting the backlash of an American heatwave. It's so hot tonight that I might have to sleep on the sofa. I did get myself a nice treat today though in the form of a non alcoholic strawberry daiquiri! And I've been on a kind of diet where I eat less and I feel like I've already lost a bit of weight!
Everything's coming up Aim-house.

Unfortunately, I haven't actually read anything in the past month. I have been listening to the A Clash of Kings audio book nightly and I'm almost finished. Only a couple more chapters left.
I upgraded my phone today! I got the Samsung galaxy s3. I know the s4 is out but I have wanted this phone for 2 years and even the lady in the shop said that there isn't much of a difference between the two.
I downloaded loads of apps straight away, including the Blogger app which I'm using right now! It's not that amazing though, since I wrote out a whole post and then it refused to save it and I've had to write everything out again from scratch. It's taken me most of the day to de-clutter the main screen, but I have my Totoro background so I'm happy! I already love this phone.

Work has been ridiculously awful recently. Loads of people going off sick and stuff. I missed a lot of the good weather because of it.
Never mind, back to normal now.

Anyway, that's my month in a nutshell.
Thanks for popping by even when I've not been posting, I really appreciate it.
As long as work starts slowing down,  I'll be posting more. 
Hope everyone's enjoying the sun while it lasts! Winter is coming!

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