23 July 2013


Examples of Why I'm Not Allowed Nice Things

  • They get lost.
  • They get broken.
  • I drop them.
They Get Lost:
My Auntie bought me an expensive bracelet for my 21st birthday. It had a diamond on it. It was perfect, and I'm VERY FUSSY about jewelery. Obviously I was taking very good care of it, but then it just disappeared. I think I got drunk and it fell off. You can't buy this bracelet anymore, it doesn't exist! But one of these days, I will possess that bracelet again!

They Get Broken:
My first Kindle. Another 21st birthday present that I ruined. I took it to work, and because I had one of those cases I thought I would be safe. Unfortunately, one day I forgot to close the case and someone stood on my Kindle in work. Well, they stood on my bag which had the Kindle in. This was all because I didn't have a locker in work. I very quickly got assigned a locker after that, probably so I didn't claim any compensation.

I Drop Them:
Remember that new phone I got less than a week ago? I have already smashed the screen.
No, I didn't get insurance. Yes, I am an idiot. It's going to cost £180 to repair it..

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