12 June 2013


Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

Published June 1, 2005
Miramax Books
ISBN-13 9780786856299
377 pages
Book 1
Childrens Fantasy

I can't believe how long its been since I read this book! I had almost forgotten all of the plot! That's what comes from watching such a terrible film adaptation!
It's such an easy book to read and quite short, so I did zip through it quite quickly. I couldn't believe how much action Riordan packed into the book, especially considering books of a similar length can ramble on with very few events.

By the way, I don't think you should read this if you haven't read The Lightning Thief yet, because I'm just going to spoil ALL OF IT.

Even though Annabeth's description was clearly 'blonde curly hair', I couldn't help myself but picture Alexandra Daddario sometimes. I have seen that film way too many times. I had forgotten about her super-cool invisibility cap, and quite a lot of other things it turns out. I'll make a list.

  • Annabeth's hat.
  • Luke doesn't give Percy a shield.
  • The Fates cutting the string that represents death in the future.
  • Medusa is really nice at first and gives them food. Also she is described in a burka.
  • The pearls, which are the main driving point in the film, do not exist until after they leave the casino in Vegas. They are a gift from Poseidon.
  • The casino isn't mentioned as the Lotus Eater lair.
  • Ares. I forgot everything to do with Ares.
  • The water-park trap. That was amazing to read again.
  • I remembered Kronos, but I forgot he was in Hades.
  • Cerberus, that cute puppy!
  • I forgot the entrance to Hades was the DOA Recording Studio. I thought that was a side mission!
  • Crusty's Waterbeds! That was a really cool scene.
  • Percy beats Ares and gets a bit of a curse.
  • Hades helm of darkness gets stolen along with Zeus' bolt. That would've been cool to put in the film!
  • Percy gets on a plane and doesn't die.
  • Luke is cool all summer, then at the end tries to kill him with a pit scorpion! 
Basically, 95% of the plot!

Fair play to him though, Riordan knows how to write an engaging book. I'm hoping that they develop like the Harry Potter books did. I couldn't help but notice how much they were written for younger kids, but I got that feeling when I read Harry Potter again, and by the end of the series they're more YA than kids books.

I love how snarky Percy is. I love how Annabeth is obviously conflicted when he is claimed but Percy can't see it. Oblivious! I think this makes the reader feel quite smart - they notice what he does not, because he is a twelve year old boy. Usually, you want to work things out at the same time as the character, but in this instance, Riordan has got it bang on the nose. It's like an in-joke between the reader and the author.

I do much prefer the book to the film. Everything is much more interesting in the book. I read Mandy Wan's Book vs. Movie post on Forever Young Adult, and she pretty much sums up that the only redeeming quality about the film is the casting for the adults. 
And not all of them are returning for the sequel - ahem, Pierce Brosnan.

I'm now almost halfway through The Titan's Curse, but I want to spend tomorrow writing what I want from film two! I had forgotten 80% of the plot of that book as well. I'm so glad I decided to reread this series, I'd forgotten how much I love it!

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