15 June 2013


Sorry for the little hiatus the past two weeks. I've had a lot of stuff going on in my life that needed to be dealt with.
Rest assured, I'll be blogging as usual probably starting on Sunday.

My granddad died a short time ago, and it was the funeral today (which is now yesterday). I didn't go because I live 150 miles away and the train fare is extortionate, so I'm going to celebrate his life with my immediate family in a couple of weeks.
I'm not going to lie, I do slightly regret not going, but I spent the day somewhere that he would have liked - in the bookies.
Don't gasp, I work there.
Here's his obituary, which is really for me to look at in the future. Selfish content. Ah well.
Michael Thomas Carter (Micky) Passed away peacefully surrounded by his family at St Peter's Hospice on 30th May 2013 aged 77 years. Former Paratrooper and Retired Carpenter, much loved Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. Sadly missed by his children Stephen, Paul, Mark, Simon, Jane and Michael, his 16 Grandchildren, his 10 Great Grandchildren, his Mother, 4 Sisters and former wife Edna.
I really didn't think it would affect me as much as it has, but I am quite upset about his passing and have been distracted recently. I hadn't seen him for almost 12 years, which I can only regret, but seeing him was a sporadic occasion in itself anyway. Lovely though, when I did see him. Great memories. I tried to find a little poem to put on a card for the flowers, something which didn't mention anything religious.. It was difficult but I found this by Anne Bronte and it summed up everything I wanted to say.
Farewell to thee! but not farewell
To all my fondest thoughts of thee:
Within my heart they still shall dwell;
And they shall cheer and comfort me.
 It's only the first stanza, but it was perfect and beautiful and I love it.

On a brighter note!

I went to see Bill Bailey the other night at Venue Cymru, Llandudno. It was hilarious and amazing. He said early in the show that people don't take the West Country accent seriously and he is right. Matt asked me later if that's why I don't use mine. That is correct.
If you ever get a chance to see him, definitely go! He talks a lot about politics and current events, uses a mix of long words and hashtags and does a bit of musical comedy. My favourite is the lounge version of Match of the Day.

But that's it from me tonight. I'm frazzled. Got a couple of days off now so I'm going to recuperate by reading a shit-ton of books in what is hopefully not awful weather.
Good night.

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