26 June 2013


I'm gonna have a quick talk about my first favourite book.
This isn't like, first favourite at school or what made me start reading loads as a kid, but literally the first book I can remember to be my favourite book.

I Want to See the Moon - Louis Baum

I got this lovely picture from DoveGreyReader who also loved this book as much as I did.
It's such a lovely story about a (very) young boy who just wants to see the moon. I read this book countless times a kid, and I'm sure it's still up in the attic somewhere.

It's just such a lovely, simple book that has stayed with me throughout my childhood into adulthood. One of those, like Each Peach Pear Plum, which when you look at the illustration, there is so much detail to pay attention to that it makes you want to read it again and again. I am specifically talking about a Babar poster in Toby's room. I used to love Babar and even have a Babar teddy.

Every so often at nighttime I'll howl "I want to see the moon!". Thankfully, Dami knows what I'm talking about cos I bought a copy a couple of years ago. Cost me a pretty penny, but it's my first favourite and now I have a copy for my kid, if I have one.

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