4 May 2013

While I'm Reading

I was in work today, and I was thinking about things that I do whilst I'm reading.
Me and my manager are reading the same book at the minute (Game of Thrones) and I was talking about things I like about the book, the characters and just comparing our views. This is something I absolutely love to do when I'm reading, it's so rare to be reading the same book as someone else!
When I was younger, me and my friend Leane would spend hours sat together just reading and talking about the books. Especially Harry Potter. 

Anyway, TL;DR.

Things I do when I'm reading:
  • Groan.
  • Bite my nails.
  • Forget where I am. 
  • Rub all the mascara off my eyelashes.
  • At certain points, tell anyone in the vicinity what has just happened in the book.
  • Gasp.
  • Laugh out loud.
  • Text people about what's just happened.
  • Wish I could talk to someone who is currently reading the same book about my feels.
I definitely need to start or join a YA Bookclub! Gah!

Do you have any bad habits or things that you do when you're reading?


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