24 May 2013

Fun Find

I was just wandering through Bloglovin and saw this cute little post by Books of Amber.

It's about the Vampire Academy graphic novels. I loved the series and hadn't heard of the graphic novels, but I might buy them and sneak them in with Dami's collection.

I think I imagined the characters pretty similarly to how they're drawn, I would like to see the fashion choices inside the book though. That is probably my favourite part of reading a graphic novel, the fashion choices are usually pretty out there! Or maybe I read too many superhero comics!
So, this one is based on Richelle Mead's series, adapted by Leigh Dragoon (lol, Lissa Dragomir?) and illustrated by Emma Vieceli.

Anyway, enjoy the bank holiday weekend! I'm gonna get reading, almost halfway through Reached now and the going's good!


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