28 May 2013

Fiction to Film

Three films that I am very excited about this year are Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Catching Fire and City of Bones.

Catching Fire
Release Date: 22/11/2013

Like most people, I have been waiting patiently for Catching Fire, and it's almost time. The release date is 22nd November in the US, so hopefully it's worldwide! Either way, I'm watching the midnight release at my local cinema.
I don't have much to say about this film, because I'm really excited about it. The trailer looks good, though I think that they have given away much of the plot. I want to reread the series before I see the film, but I might wait so I don't get angry if they leave the characters or story line out. I'm a really terrible person to watch a film with in the cinema because I'm very vocal!

The trailer, below, is a little bit confusing for me. There was no direct mention of the Quarter-Quell, which is central to the plot if I remember correctly. Either that, or I'm watching the wrong video! I would love a glance of the new tributes in action!
Maybe they're not releasing any footage just to keep it as a surprise for people that haven't read the books. (Who are these people?)

  • I worked at a cinema before the first film came out. We were asked to hand out copies of the book to generate interest in the film, and all the staff got free copies. This is how I found out about the book.
  • I didn't read the book until after I'd watched the film - I didn't want to be disappointed with the film.

Percy Jackson 2: Sea of Monsters
Release Date: 7/8/2013

I am really excited about this film! I love Greek Gods, I love Logan Lerman.. What more could I want? Oh yes, to watch it!
I've watched the first film so many times, and I was tempted to call my cat Percy for a while. She's not cool with it.
I loved the book, so of course I am going to enjoy the film. However, on first watching of the trailer I was quite annoyed.

  • Annabeth is now blonde? Why couldn't she change her hair in the first film or keep it the same? CONTINUITY, PEOPLE!
  • Clarisse is not how she is described in the book - surly looking and plus-sized.
  • Chiron has changed actor.
  • Tyson is older and seems like a fanboy rather than a hinderance.
But, I'm still going to watch it a million times and love it. Cannot wait. Here's the trailer:

I love that Nathan Fillion is going to be in the film, I really adore him. Anything he's in is gold in my eyes.
I'm a bit disappointed that Thalia is not mentioned, though I've seen pictures of the actress playing her. Can't wait for her to appear near the end. She is hella cute! (The actresses name is Paloma Kwiatkowski)
Does anyone else find it strange that Tyson swaps between one and two eyes?
I was hoping that the Ophiotaurus was in this book, but it's the next one - still I will wait to see you, Bessie!
I am definitely rereading this series soon, it's been too long!

And lastly:
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.
Release Date: 21/8/2013

I'm going to post the trailer, but I'm not going to watch it until I've finished reading the book. I don't want to ruin my interpretation by knowing the actors etc like I did with Hunger Games! I should have read the book first!
So, no spoilers please!

Obviously now, I have ruined Clary for myself a little. I read the actresses name on the Wikipedia page and thought 'urgh, Lily Collins', but I was thinking of Lily Cole, so that has made my life better.

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Are there any other book to film adaptions coming out soon? I'd love to know!
Otherwise I watch things (ahem, True Blood) and think 'I swear I read a book about (Sookie Stackhouse)'



  1. haha love your cat's face in that photo! Looking forward to these movies, especially Catching Fire! :D

    1. Yes, she is a moody kitty! Really excited about November - the Hobbit comes out around then as well!
      Thanks for commenting :) x