7 May 2013

Book Haul

Today I had a business meeting in Llandudno. It was at 10am so I had to get the bus at 8 so I wasn't late. The day has been really lovely, so I took some pictures while I was on the bus. Such an amazing view, I just had to share it! This is from the top of the hill showing Colwyn Bay and the sea train! 

Just to clarify, it's not really a sea train. I just like to pretend it is like the sea trains in Spirited Away or One Piece.

During the meeting, I received £50 worth of vouchers. I had a quick check and I could use them in Waterstones! Yay! I pulled five books from the (very limited) YA section, then whittled it down to three finalists. At the time I was convinced I only had £25 worth of vouchers, otherwise I would have bought all five books!

I know I'm doing a lot of older/popular book reviews, but I genuinely haven't read them due to time and money constraints and I'm playing catch up. I'll get to the new books soon, I promise!

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare

This book is on my May TBR, and I thought I'd show some love and purchase the paper.

I need to read this before the film comes out! I love the image in the film poster, really gets me excited about the book! I've not read anything to do with it so I'm going in completely fresh, but I do know the setting! Exciting!

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

I was so intrigued by this books blurb, I had to get it. (I literally only read "It is 1939. Nazi Germany")

 It's about the second world war, or it's set in that time period. I love learning about WW2 and Nazi Germany. My Humanities GCSE project was on the Importance of the Holocaust. I also studied German at school and have visited Berlin, touched one of the last pieces of the Wall. Little known fact, I was born on the day that the Berlin Wall got pulled down and was interviewed for a television show on channel four that focused on children in the UK born on the same date.
So, obviously I had to buy this book...

Entangled - Cat Clarke

I read the blurb of this book and it sounded so interesting. I'm saving it for my week off because it's not too long, and looks like something I can read at the beach. I read on a couple of blogs that it's a thriller, so could be exciting!

The other two books I wanted were Fire by Kristin Cashore and Naughts and Crosses by Mallory Blackman. Both are recommendations from Leane, who is privately known for her great recommendations. I read Naughts and Crosses in school so I know that I will enjoy it. I didn't, however, know that Fire accompanies Graceling, so I'm very happy with my choices!

 With the remaining £30 I'm going to get a Kindle Fire from Ryman's (the stationary shop) after I've been paid at the end of the month. I have been quite dubious about the Fire. I don't see the difference between it and reading on my iPad (which I used to write the bulk of this entry). However, to have something which is akin to a tablet and that is completely my own is appealing. I have to share the iPad with Damien, and he's always playing the Simpsons Tapped Out!! (Currently doing so)

I didn't realise that there is a camera on the Fire, but I assumed that there would be a browser since it was an 'experimental function' on my Kindle Keyboard. It would be good for jotting stuff down on the go, and obviously reading. I don't know how likely I would be to watch television on it, but I would play games - especially Candy Crush!
Oh, I am constantly trying to justify buying the Fire but I'm getting £30 off with the vouchers and I really deserve a treat!
I tweeted @Kat O'Keeffe about it last night and she managed to persuade me. She does a lot of book reviews on Youtube under Katytastic, definitely check her out shes lovely.

On a personal note, I have decided to apply for the deputy managers course at work! A couple of people said "Finally!" when I told them, and my district manager seemed really excited for me. I'm really glad because it's something that I've wanted for a long time, and although I am not the best at sports or horse racing facts, I've picked up a lot of the betting rules which is the most important thing. Hopefully I get on the course anyway!

And a massive thank you to my first follower Courtney! Remember, if you like what you read please leave a comment or even follow me, it really makes my day!

Thank you so much!

And now I'll leave you with some misc pictures from today.

Really love this view. So blue!


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  1. Nice day + vouchers + new books + deputy managers course = amaze balls lol! I've got city of bones, just not got round to reading it yet... I keep going back to old faithful atm... I've made myself read game of thrones, even though it's exactly the same as the TV show... (and I do mean literally) it's keeping me interested. Have you read them?