28 April 2013

What I Bought Today

I've been a little busy the last couple of days; work, reading and my parents came to visit!

I live in North Wales and they came all the way from Bristol so it was definitely a rare visit, but I love to see them!

Me and my mum went shopping in Prestatyn at the new retail park which was fun, but we also paid a trip to an antiques store. I love this place, they have a suit of armor waiting to greet customers at the door! (It's £499, if you were wondering!)

We did a little snooping and I managed to find a first edition Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone hidden on the bookshelf, so I snapped it up for £2.50 which I didn't think was that expensive.
However, I realised when I got home that it is a 36th printing, so not as great as I thought! I could never be a book collector! It's a nice addition to my collection though since I never bought the first four books originally. I do love the cover, especially young Dumbledore on the back!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - JK Rowling

I first read the Harry Potter books in about 2000, just before the film came out. I was 10/11 at that point. I can remember thinking as I started the first book, "why have I never wanted to read these before?" and promptly skimmed through all four books in just over a week. I was really late to the Potter bandwagon, but I've never looked back! I re-read The Philosophers Stone in 2009 and wasn't as impressed with the overall story, but I think Rowling improved as the books went along. To be honest, the reader grows older with every passing book which makes her improvement necessary to the development of the young readers mind. That's my opinion anyway.

I have some very strong opinions on these books though that I might share later, for now I'm going to watch some Doctor Who and relax!
Have a good Sunday!


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