28 April 2013


Divergent - Veronica Roth

Okay, so I finished this book about three days ago now.
It was so amazing. As soon as I posted that Currently Reading entry I started to pay more attention to it, as if just talking about the book made it more interesting in my mind.

The characters are so diverse, I really like that Roth has thought about things like this. It is obviously really well planned! The plot sped up during the last third of the book which I really liked, because obviously that's what I complained about before! The set up paid off!

I keep thinking about books analytically and not enjoying the flow of the story. I couldn't find myself getting lost until after that point last week. After that, I was really impatiently waiting for the next time that I could continue the book.

As soon as I finished it, I started Insurgent which picks up directly after Divergent finishes. This book is fast paced from the get go, I'm loving it and getting through it so fast which is a shame. These are definite re-read material! I'll do a real review on Insurgent and Divergent together when I finish it, I just wanted to update everyone because I was so bummed out about the book before.
It really is a gripping read.


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