23 April 2013

How I Read My Books

There are three main ways that I read books.


I have a Kindle Keyboard (pictured) which my mum and dad bought me for my 21st birthday. Best present ever. However, it has just broken for the second time and I think that this is probably the point where I'm going to have to upgrade! I'm going to buy one of the cheaper Kindles, rather than the Kindle Fire. My manager in work has the Fire and I'm not overly impressed. I know you can get apps and watch TV on them but I have a laptop, an iPad and a smartphone so I'm not limited.

I also like the Kindle app on my phone because of the sync function where you can easily find the last page you've read on another device. So helpful! I would definitely recommend getting a Kindle if you are a voracious reader, or if you travel a lot and love to read - it saves buying many books and having little space to store them! I think at one point I had about 300 books on mine, but you don't need anywhere near that many and Amazon archives them all anyway.
Another function that I really liked on my Kindle was the text-to-speech function. It sounds like a really lazy way to read, but I don't get a lot of free time so being able to multitask is a major plus. It also helps me to clear my head at night and sleep! Which leads me on to the second way that I read:


I think since my Kindle broke I've had a harder time sleeping because I wasn't able to drift off whilst listening to the text-to-speech lady on the Kindle. I decided to download a couple of audio-books and it really does send me off ten times quicker.
However, even I have found problems with falling asleep to an audio-book.
  • I have to remember where I got to the previous night before I drifted off.
  • I don't get the feeling of being sucked into the book as much.
  • Sometimes I miss some information because I am multitasking and later on it turns out to be fairly important.
I don't see anything wrong with listening to audio-books, it's just another way to read. They help me to tune out the anxious over-thinking that everyone does at night much better than listening to music would. Believe me, I listened to music for 5 years before I tried this. Another pro is if you are travelling and get travel sick like I do. When I was younger, we used to travel 6 hours cross-country to visit relatives and I would try to read and just end up feeling nauseous. Now when I make a five hour train journey home, I don't have to endure that and can listen to a story instead.
There are some books that I really couldn't fathom using an audio-book for, and these are the epics like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Tried it, got so confused and had to stop. There were way too many points of view and only one narrator, you're better off reading and making up the voices in your head!

The Usual Way:

I am an absolute sucker for a new book, or freshly printed anything. Diaries, promotional items in work, a new box of betting slips.. I smell it all. It would be one of my smells from Amortentia (the Harry Potter love potion).
There is just something about holding a book, though, right? I covet all the books, one day I will have an entire room devoted to my books. A personal library. At the minute my boyfriend is making a start on his collection (below) and I am just reading on the Kindle app.

We very recently went to London and I managed to coerce Dami into going into the Waterstones on Oxford Street. It was like heaven. We don't have many bookstores where I live, just a WH Smith's and many charity shops with second hand books, so being able to be among the books was amazing. They smelled great! Only kidding, I didn't smell all of them..
Just a couple..
A bit later on we went to the Foyles in the Stratford Westfield, and I was really annoyed to find a series of books that I really like (The Declaration by Gemma Malley) that weren't in series order! It really bugged me because I didn't want people to come in, see the book and think the sequel was the first one. Like, novice book buyers. It's happened to me before where I've been gifted the second in a series! Rant over though.

I do enjoy reading tangible books, but for me it's not a viable option because of the space issue, so I'll just continue as I am for a while. As long as I'm reading, I'm happy!


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