21 April 2013

Hello, Gorgeous!

I'm Aimee!

I am an avid reader, a Creative Writing graduate and have decided that it is finally time to start a book blog.

I stopped reading while I was at University because I couldn't afford to buy any books and there were no libraries in the area, but now that I am more financially stable I have been able to re-Kindle my love affair with books.
Also I have a Kindle.

I do prefer having real books, but I live in a tiny house and my boyfriend has taken up all the book space with his growing comic/graphic novel collection. Sadface, but also not because I can read all of his collection if I fancy a change!

Oh, and just so you know, I prefer YA novels and have a particular love for dystopian/alt future. I also read a million other things, shampoo bottles, health warnings..

Prepare yourself for some reviews!


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