21 April 2013

Currently Reading

Divergent - Veronica Roth

I've been reading this book for a couple of days and I'm really enjoying it!
Well, sort of reading. I've been listening to the audiobook so it's kind of cheating, I guess? I'll talk about that later because it involves lots of discussion, blah blah.

I am about a third of the way through at the minute and I have looked forward to starting the story up again every night! I didn't expect the story to be like it is AT ALL. It's quite a lot like Matched in that it's a whole lot of setting up. But it's the first in a series so it definitely needs to describe this whole new world and outline the problems that need to be overcome.
I know this, I studied this for three years, but I still can't help being a little bit disappointed! I wanted more movement! It's not like there isn't enough action, though.
I wouldn't say that it's overdone having a small, reluctant female character learning to fight and defend herself. It's empowering and interesting to see the internal battle that Tris wages with herself every day. She really is reluctant to harm others, but she's learning to do the best she can and then being told that it's probably a good idea to hide her new strength. Like when Four tells her to keep pretending to be weak and she's like, "WTF? Are you kidding me?" 
I love love love her sarcasm and quick wit. When she's practicing throwing the knives. That's all I really need to say if you've read this book.

I really enjoy the description and it is a really well thought out story. There are twists that I can see coming that are quite obvious but others that I completely missed, like Tris's mum being from Dauntless. I really loved that twist, it made Tris's choice feel predestined in a way that felt natural rather than forced. Things that I want to know are like, what about Tris's grandparents? She says there are no older Dauntless when she first gets to the headquarters which cuts this tangent off, but I want to knowwww!
Also, when am I going to find out what being Divergent really means? Is it just that they are a more rounded out person? Are there special abilities, like during the fear test? I feel like I am coming up to a monologue where everything will be explained in detail. Everyone is scared to death of talking about it though!

I kind of spoiled the story for myself a little bit because I watched a Booktubers review of the story and she revealed a lot of facts in a really excitable way. I loved her passion for the book because that is how I feel when I'm reading or when I finish a book. I feel kind of disappointed that I'm not feeling like that with this particular book, but it might be because I'm listening to the audiobook and I haven't been as completely absorbed as I could have been. Nevertheless, though, I've been telling my coworkers what has been happening in the book because they aren't readers and I just want to talk to somebody about my bookfeels!!

So this is all a bit rambling and I apologise. For now, I'm going to listen to a bit more of the story and hope that the person that just fell into the river doesn't die...



  1. oh wow sounds quite cool, may have to put it on my list over books to buy! I adore books where the author creates a whole new world

    ordaining serendipity



  3. Well thank you very much my lovelies, hope you come back and enjoy some more! x