20 March 2017

Daimee Does Disney: Day Four

Day Four


Okay so I lost momentum a little with this project.

For me, Universal wasn't high on my list. I could have completely missed it if Harry Potter Land wasn't a thing.
I know for Dami it was something he was very excited about - he loves the Simpsons and wanted to see that. He's never been to Florida before as I have mentioned so he was just excited to see everything. I think if it were up to him we would have gone on the first day, but we held off until day four.

We got the coach provided by our hotel. It wasn't until nearly 11am so we got another lie-in which was awesome. Had some breakfast and headed down to reception.

I wasn't sure what to expect as I couldn't remember the layout of the site and to be honest after fifteen years it's probably changed one hell of a lot.
A few of the experiences I remember have gone now - notably Nick Studios, I also remember a Hanna Barbera area which I really enjoyed as a kid. Nevermind - times change.

We decided to go for the Studios first - with me singing a little bit of Kenan and Kel on the way in - awwww here it goes! #throwback

Obviously gratuitous photo ops as we entered.

We found ourselves on a street right out of a Hollywood movie - or what I imagine it would look like! We perused the shops and had a leisurely stroll around the streets before hitting Springfield.

Again, we were so lucky with the wait times as we barely hit any. We were quite selective with what we did though so that may have some bearing on it.

We walked through Springfield, obviously stopping to geek out at the buildings that we'd only seen on the TV. It was so surreal and intensely cool, I can't describe the feels you get from this place it's insane.
We wandered into Moe's and through into the foodcourt where there were restaurants like Luigi's, The Frying Dutchman, Krusty Burger etc etc. All counter service restaurants. It looked pretty good, but we weren't hungry at that point so just carried on looking.

As we came out we saw the Kwik-E-Mart which is a gift store. At the end of our holiday we went back to get all the items we decided to get on this day. We got a Squishee refillable travel cup which came with a free (it wasn't free, it cost $1.50) fill of Squishee - we got raspberry lemonade flavour as that was the most mutually acceptable flavour to share. We also got a Kwik-E-Mart name badge that said BORT. Lols. My parents gave us the money to get Dami a birthday present while he was there so he chose this MASSIVE mug because he loves tea.. It's like three cups of tea in one mug.
We also bought a chocolate bar that I keep meaning to bug my co-worker into buying for me when he goes this weekend.. I keep forgetting!
Update - I did ask him to get it (and a pressed penny from MK) but he 'forgot' to get both. Men.

After we left the shop we walked straight into an area with a massive Krusty head, which is where the Simpsons ride is. We waited around 15 minutes in the queue for the Simpsons simulation ride. I say SIMULATION RIDE, because I get quite travel sick. I've never had a problem on rides before, because I don't think I've actually been on a simulator since I was about 5.. I didn't realise that when they write on the warnings for the rides that you shouldn't ride if you get travel sick, they actually mean it!!

I got 20 seconds - SECONDS! - into the ride before it kicked in. I just had to curl over the safety bar with my eyes tightly closed and breathe really slowly. It barely worked, but I didn't vom.
All I can remember is Dami going on about how cool it was and wooping like you do on a good ride - but I'm sat there trying not to think about, I was such a spoilsport!

After that I just had to walk away and get a drink, so we chilled out by the toilets outside the Men In Black area. Honestly thought I was going to puke my guts up for about 10 minutes, it was awful. After calming myself down a little, we walked through the MIB area (we didn't go on the ride obviously but knew we had a second visit to do so) and past the Fear Factor Live place and came very quickly round into London!

Quick snap in front of the station which takes you over to the other park and then we tried to find the way into Diagon Alley!

As we entered there was the biggest crowd of people that we had seen so far in any of the parks we had visited. They were all there for one reason: THIS GUY!

He breathes fire, but it's quite sporadic so even after we'd waited for ten minutes, it still hadn't let out a blast.

Then everyone started to get ushered on because no one could get through the crush.

Even with all the people it was the most amazing sight. I couldn't wait to look in all the shop windows. We saw plenty of people with the interactive wands and dressed in robes - it was fantastic!!
We did a brief circuit of window shopping. If I'd've been hungry I would definitely have pushed for a meal at the Leaky Cauldron but I was still quite queasy. We had a little gander at the sweets in the Weasley's shop (mind-blowing) and had a look at some merch in one of the attached shops. On our way out we checked the wait time for Escape From Gringotts but it was over an hour so we decided to come back later.
That was the luxury of it having just been the two of us - we didn't have to pander to anyone else's needs and we could just take or leave the rides knowing we could come back at a later point without anyone moaning that they want to do it NOW.

Dami needed the toilet and I just caught this out of the corner of my eye as I was waiting for him:

It was so cool in Knockturn Alley (I mean that literally - the aircon was such a relief) We had a quick look around Borgin & Burkes and then back out through Diagon Alley to have a look at the Knight Bus. There was quite a queue to get a picture so, again, something for another day :)

In true Daimee fashion we decided at this point to scout out Islands of Adventure as the park was starting to fill up. We walked over rather than getting the train as there was quite a long wait if I remember correctly. 
It only took 10 mins to get over to the other park anyway.
As you walk in there is an archway that says The Adventure Begins... and I thought it was so awesome!! 
This was a first time for me at this park - I think when we came last time my parents didn't want my sister to miss out as she would have been too small to go on many of the rides (though I can also remember being told we could go to only one of the parks and Universal Studios was the better choice for all of us)

As you can see, nice and empty as we walked in!

We headed straight for Dami's most anticipated area - unfortunately the Hulk ride was closed but we still only waited 15 minutes for the Spiderman ride which I didn't think was too bad! 

And would you believe it, it's now almost a year since we went and I can't remember any of the details..
I thought I'd post this last one since I had already written it and call it quits on this series.
I've covered pretty much all the parks now anyway, except Busch Gardens which was a wash out and I had contracted the flu by that point anyway

Thanks for reading

26 June 2016

Daimee Does Disney: Day Three

Day Three


I'm only going to do a short post on our time in Seaworld as I think it is a rather controversial place to visit. It was included as an extra park in our tickets as we wanted to go to Busch Gardens anyway - and Busch Gardens is owned by the same company.

We had a bit of a lie in in the morning - managed to sleep until about 830am which for me is pretty good in the UK. Usually I wake up at 720 on the dot.
We went for breakfast which was a lot busier this time and got some toast and some juice. Then we headed back to our room to get dressed for the day.

We had bought some tickets for the I-Ride which lasted for 14 days so we activated these and rode down to Seaworld.
It didn't take very long - 15 mins? - and the view from the bus was amazing. We had to wait 15 mins in the queue to get our tickets and then headed straight in.

We had a look at some flamingos and a quick peek at the seals. They were just doing one of the dolphin shows so we heard that as we went past.
We also saw some tame squirrels eating donuts. So odd.

We did a massive loop around the park, stopping at 1 to apply suntan lotion... I'd only gone and left it in the hotel room, hadn't I?!
We had to buy some at the park. It was an aerosol spray on sunscreen by Banana Boat that was absolutely amazing. Factor 50 spray on - no fuss, no streaks, no mess. The only thing that I was worried about was that it was $18 and I thought it would probably run out after three days. BUT it was a really hot day and honestly I think we would have been burnt to a crisp if we didn't get it.

Best thing we bought at Seaworld.

Now, a little bit about us.

We love exploring, seeing new things and we especially love animals.
We always have a great time at the zoo or aquarium - mostly taking the mick out of each other and doing impressions of the animals.

I love manatees - they were my favourite thing about the last time we visited, especially because they are local wild animals that were rescued. I think that's really nice. Spent quite a while looking at these lovely things.

Dami had never seen an Orca before and has always said he'd love to see them. It would obviously be better in the wild, but this was the only opportunity to see one open to us.
We got really good seats in the One Ocean show which was amazing. Right in the centre, in the splash zone.
And I did get some really good pics of our day but I'm hesitant to post them after the reaction I received on Facebook.

Yes, I have seen Blackfish. It's an amazing documentary. Cried for days.
Yes, I have seen the Cove. It was another amazing documentary. Cried for days.
Yes, I did feel a little dirty going to SeaWorld.

But, I had an amazing day, saw my favourites - the manatees and orcas and got to see some turtles. We got to see 50 people queuing to get pictures taken with dolphins (not something I would want to do)

We got selected to give feedback at the park on our way out which was great and I was maybe a bit brutal about my thoughts on the orcas but praised them on the stopping of the breeding program and eventual ending of the shows.

After SeaWorld

We left at around 5pm and headed straight to the outlet at the bottom of I-drive to go to the Disney outlet store. We bought some of the Disney Vinylmations and I got a lovely photo frame.
It might be part of the Disney Land 60th anniversary collection, but I still think it is amazing!
We were looking at the t-shirts and homeware for a while and then decided that they might have other items at the other outlet at the top of I-Drive so we got the I-Ride all the way up and had a look in the other outlet shop. This was definitely a good idea because the stock was quite different.
There was more clothing at the one at the top than in the One at the bottom, but we bought less here.

We had a wander around the mall and it was amazing. The sun was setting at this point so most of the heat had disappeared. I was so so thirsty but we had no cash so we went to a vending machine just to see the price of a drink. To my utter surprise, you could use a debit/credit card on the machine!!
So amazing - wish we could do that in the UK!

We are now 94 weeks and 6 days away from going back. It is driving me insane waiting to go back!

7 June 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #22

This week for Top Ten Tuesday its a free week to gush about anything we'd like.
I'm still thinking about my holiday, and praying I could go back sooner, so I'm going to tell you my top ten experiences that I had during my Walt Disney World holiday

Firstly -

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/meme created and hosted by The Broke And The Bookish
I love doing this when I can and do love how much the ideas make me think about books!
Have you made a list yourself? I'd love to read it - send me a link in the comments section!

10 - Experiencing the Little Extras

This, for me, was the custest part of my holiday. It was lovely to see the little nods to the Disney films - of course you get the big rides and statues etc, but these little winks were amazing to see.
The one I actively sought out was the Lady and the Tramp footprints near the entrance to the park outside Tony's Restaurant.

The one that Dami was really excited about seeing was Mr Toad in the pet cemetary outside of the Haunted Mansion. I completely forgot to look for it - glad he was on the ball.

I can't remember seeing any Hidden Mickeys, but that would have been really cool to see - next time I will buy the book and look for them!

9 - It's Tough To Be A Bug

We didn't have to wait long for this show, but it was more the QUEUE that was interesting. It was the closest we could get to the Tree of Life which was absolutely amazing. I would love to go back and just spend the whole day naming the animals on the roots and trunk!

8 - No Lines

Talking of queuing, we found this handy little trick!
Not really a trick more of a squeezing and walking fast after the Wishes fireworks.
We didn't really queue at all in Magic Kingdom because we spent most of the time at different parks in the morning and then spending the evenings at MK.
After the fireworks there is a considerable crowd moving at a ridiculously slow pace so if you can get through the throng, you can spend less time queuing for rides!
We walked onto loads of rides - its a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbo, the Little Mermaid ride, Magic Carpets of Aladin, Jungle Cruise.. The only time we waited for any of these rides was the amount of time it took to walk to the front of the ride!

7 - Vacation Club Fast Passes

This one is a sneaky one. We signed up to go to a Vacation Club meeting to see what the Vacation Club was all about (Disney's version of a time share)
To be honest, I was really tempted by this, but it doesn't make sense for us to invest in this until after we have bought a house.
Just for attending this 90 min seminar we received a free ice-cream and three free fast passes (on top of your usual three) to use at any point during the day. You basically just walk on the ride. It doesn't include the Snow White ride which is why we didn't get to go on that ride!
More on this later.

6 - Three Mountains

We used our extra fast passes on conquering the three mountain rides of Magic Kingdom.
Starting at Splash Mountain (awesome) moving straight onto Thunder Mountain (so-so) and finishing up on Space Mountain (amazing)
Such a good day because

5 - Four Parks, One Day

Some might call it impossible. We call it "Our Final Day".
We started at Animal Kingdom, headed over to Magic Kingdom, got the monorail to Epcot (the only place we didn't get a picture!!!) and then to Hollywood Studios to get some souvenirs and then back to MK to ride the three mountains and for the final viewing of Wishes.

 4 - Hollywood Tower Hotel

We rode this a couple of times because it is such a fun fun ride. Please see below.
We are in the back row for this ride - Dami has never been on it before and is really impressed. He is making a really happy face at me because he thought I was exaggerating how fun the ride is.
Can't wait to ride it in DLP to see the differences.
One feature I really loved was the different stories as you go through the Twilight Zone!

3 - Mickey Pretzel

On our first day, we had a Mickey Soft Pretzel and it was amazing. This probably shouldn't be third on my list but WE LOVE PRETZELS so it is :)

2 - Epcot

Aka my favourite park. It's just so fun strolling around the world, hanging out. The days that we did this felt like we were having a day off, I swear. World Showcase feels like a completely different park to the front area, which I didn't actually expect to be so huge!
I just had so much fun here and felt so at home and happy.
My favourite area was Japan but we did seem to spend a lot of time in England (mainly for the chips) and Mexico (mainly for the ride) I don't think we even stopped in the USA bit (since we were already in the USA so it made no odds to us!)

1 - Wishes

Just the opening music gives me goosebumps!! I spent three weeks after having to listen to Wishes before bed every night or I thought I would go insane.
I love Wishes so much it is the most MAGICAL part of the day. The music, the fireworks, the castle! I don't even. There are no words. I would have watched it every night but we didn't start staying really late at the parks until the second week when we had acclimatised to the time difference.
Still so worth it - we caught the fireworks maybe three times? 
And next time I will push for as many nights as possible - we will be staying close enough to see some fireworks I believe so I'll just have to download the soundtrack and listen to it myself if we are at the hotel!

I loved my holiday so much I am just counting the weeks until we go back (97)
And hopefully we will go more than once that year!
I'm an addict.

2 June 2016

Daimee Does Disney: First Two Days In Orlando!

Daimee Does Disney!

Day One


Well, almost.
(TL;DR - we got on the plane and it took off and landed and then we got some food)
At T-minus-1 I was struggling to finish all of my work and get out of that mind set. After struggling to load money onto the Thomas Cook Cash Passport for the past couple of  days, I was freaking the hell out. The only way I could get money onto this POS was to get to the nearest Thomas Cook shop and pay over the counter.

  • Hi, I don't drive. 
  • Hi, nearest shop was 7 miles away.

Best case scenario was leave work on time (rare) OR convince a friend at work to drive me aaaall the way to the Bay at lunch to get me my dollars. Oh, and a Subway :)
So my lovely friend gave me a lift and I bought her lunch and we made it back with time to spare!
And then, very lucky for me, I managed to leave on time and get back to the Bay to load another £250 on just in case!
Followed by a haircut by my favourite hairdresser and talking Disney tips with my other favourite hairdresser, and last minute shopping in Matalan!

The real Day One:

Both wake up after about 4 hours of sleep ready to welcome a 5-6 hour sleep on the flight (best laid plans)
Quick spurt of last minute packing - "is Vaseline a liquid?" "Make sure you put scissors in the case not your hand luggage this time!" "Plugs?!" followed by goodbyes to the old girl Gwyn (cat).

Then we were in the car making our way to the airport!
Straight in, bags checked (no queue!) and through to security where we got stuck behind all the people that had just checked in their cases.
Took about 25 minutes to get through. Both our bags got checked - mine for the Vaseline and Dami's for a swab because he looks like an addict!
That absolutely made my day.

Through security and only two hours to have a look through the terminal. We browsed some books and magazines. My foundation ran out a couple of days earlier so I bought some new foundation and primer ready for the trip. We had a Burger King as there are none within 30 miles of where we live and it's sort of a travelling tradition at this point. Wherever we go, we get a BK.
At this point it was nearly time for boarding nearly an hour earlier than I expected so we hurried to the gate. Loads of people were in a queue but more were sat down so we just got in the queue - we were going to be sat down for 9 hours, not a massive deal to stand for 20 minutes.
It turned out it was for priority boarding but they opened it up to everyone just as we reached the front of the queue.

I think we must have taken off early in the end. The flight was great. I love flying anyway but Damien has never been on a long haul flight so he didn't really know how he was going to take it. We were both exhausted and I thought we were going to sleep but we only had about a 45 minute nap.
We're both not massively tolerant of screaming children (I don't think anyone is truthfully) and luckily we only got a couple of screamers at the beginning from the air pressure. There was the cutest family ever sat next to us. I think the little girl must have been about three/four but she was SO well behaved. No fuss the whole journey. She just put her massive pink headphones on and watched a film. So chill.
Watched a couple of films on the upgraded entertainment. Can't really say much more, just a really relaxed flight.

Landed in Orlando early, but there were two other flights arriving at the same time so we waited about an hour to go through the immigration part. Lucky for us, we won't have to wait so long next time. Both our photo's and fingerprints got taken for the self service machines which was exciting.
Then our bags were directly in front of us on the carousel so we were straight on the monorail over to the main terminal and getting on our transfer.

25 minutes later we were in the hotel room crashing out. We decided to go and get some food around 7:30pm local time after hitting the Walgreen's for some snacks and drinks. I was absolutely exhausted at this point. We were originally planning on hitting the outlets (dependent on sleeping on the plane) and I'm so glad we didn't.
I put on my new jeans from Matalan and took a selfie with my greasy, greasy hair. Ready to go!
We grabbed a fry-up at IHOP which was an I-FLOP. Pancakes were alright but we didn't feel the urge to go back at all during our stay. It was just like a Little Chef rather than the mind blowing experience I had as a kid. It's possible that the flight was still affecting my sinuses but who knows.

And then, we slept. Oh, how we slept. 21 hour day on around 5 hours sleep - I slept like a log!

And now, the boring bit is over because we are finally headed to Disney!

Day Two


Wake up at.. 5am! Because it's really 10:30am at home and I can no longer lie in apparently!
Try to go back to sleep but I'm too excited and now Damien is awake.
So, we wait until breakfast starts and go and get some free food. There is literally no one there so we help ourselves to toast and waffles and pancakes and juice and tea (because that is Dami's favourite morning drink). I loved the orange/guava/mango juice 
We had a stroll around the hotel which looked alright. Perfect for us because it was cheap-ish. I think we paid £1800 for the hotel and flights which is not that bad. Unfortunately we had to pay a resort fee on top to cover the transfers, wi-fi and not a whole lot else I don't think.
Hindsight is 20/20 so I would definitely book a different hotel next time, and probably wait a bit longer to book the holiday as the price was down to £1400 two months after we booked.
Oh no, I'm back to boring stuff - hang on.

TA - DA!!

So exciting seeing this sign! Look at our silly little faces!

We got quite confused because instead of being dropped at Epcot as expected, we were dropped at Hollywood Studios.
This was purely because of the Star Wars Marathon at Epcot. We figured it would be busy there for most of the morning so we headed over to Magic Kingdom for a magical morning.

Such a fantastic sight, every time.
When I see the castle, even in videos, its just this massive.. sigh of relief, in a way.
I don't know how to describe it. It's just pure happiness and excitement welling up inside me.

We rushed past Main Street, knowing that we could go back at any point to marvel at the buildings and sights and smells (which we did) and just stood staring at the castle for a long while.

It's bizarre to think that you can miss a building, but every day I look at a photo of us in front of Cinderella's castle and my heart aches for Disney World.

After a while, we decided to hit Space Mountain as it was still quite early and the line (did you notice this transition into American-English?) was only about 20 minutes. Of course, we got given the lanyard so it was a bit longer, but it was a fun wait and nice to be in the air-con for a little bit.
This was our first ride and it was fantastic.
It didn't take me long to get the banners up on Snap Chat! Couldn't help myself, makes for a perfect keepsake.
Please excuse the cleavage, the top is sooo low cut and I completely forgot! Oops!

Love the Space Mountain one, even if I do look haggard!

We didn't really do much exploring in Tomorrowland so we missed out on quite a bit. I know I wanted to do the Carousel of Progress but completely forgot all about it until about three days ago which is over a month too late!
A lot of the rides we weren't really interested in except Space Mountain so we headed over to a different area.

We headed around the back way to Storybook Circus. We passed the Goofy ride which had a massive line, and the Dumbo ride which also had over a 30 minute wait. Then we went through the big top shop and watched some Mickey Pops being made (because I watched this video before hand and loved the idea of watching them making the food) and then both admitted how rough we were feeling.

Quick stop for a drink and a wander around Fantasyland - passing Gaston's, the Little Mermaid ride and the big carousel (more massive lines)

Then we passed through into Frontierland I think. We saw this really cool boat, although that was the only time we saw it. Possibly the ride was down the other days, although we never arrived much before 4pm so that could also be a factor.

Started to get a bit peckish as it was lunch time by this point so we decided to get a Mickey Pretzel. They sold the last one as we got in line, but we only had to wait 5 mins before they brought out more so we got a lovely fresh pretzel and sat down for a few minutes. It was getting a little too busy for us so we decided we would walk around to the front and get the monorail to Epcot and see how busy it was there since the race would have been finished by this point.
Dami didn't actually tell me until the next day but the real reason he wanted to go elsewhere is because he had a massive earache from the pressure during the flight and it took a few days to get over it. Poor lad. 

On our way round we caught a great shot of the Castle, then headed out through Main St to the monorail for our first journey to Epcot.


The monorail was excellent and took us through a couple of resorts which we both looked at longingly. I think staying offsite for our first visit was definitely a good idea as we were in an ideal area to visit everything that we planned to do. Next time we plan to do things differently but I will come to that later.

Obligatory artsy photograph of Spaceship Earth.

Last time I came (2000) I think we must have spent a lot of time in Epcot as most of my memories of Florida are either here or at the TTC waiting for the coach.
That sounds weird but even my memories of being exhausted from a day walking around the parks were happy enough that I would want to return. And returning as an adult, with someone who is actually my favourite person in the world, has been the best decision of my life.
Genuinely worth the money to spend time together.
Back to the story.

The best thing about getting the monorail here for our first time seeing the park is that the monorail takes a route through it! You can find various videos showing you this on YT if you are really intrigued.
We came though the entrance and had a nosey at the peoples faces on the walls and discussed the possibility of getting one of us done -- but wait, what is that?

How cute are these? Disney characters made out of plants. We literally have pictures of all of them as Damien wanted to complete the collection. I thought he'd uploaded them all to IG but apparently he didn't! They were so cool though and it was one of the nicest things to just stroll around the park looking for the grass sculptures.

We did quite a lot of the rides to 'get them out of the way' and to gauge which rides to come back and do again another day. The Finding Nemo ride in the Seas section was mindblowingly awesome. One of the most memorable rides of the trip. As you come to the end of the ride you see Nemo and friends swimming in a fish tank.. but wait.. that's real fish in the background.. How the? IS THAT A DOLPHIN?
The animation is projected onto a massive part of the aquarium that you exit into. OH IT IS SO GOOD.
We love seeing animals - any chance to go to the zoo or a great aquarium is a fantastic time for us! Love strolling round and seeing all these things that we would never get to see in our ordinary lives.
So yes, for me, best ride in Epcot.
We didn't do the ride inside Spaceship Earth as the line was really long and we didn't do Mission Space as by the time we got round to that area of the park we had to leave to get the coach.

We did, however, take a leisurely stroll around the world.

Starting in Canada, we went explored the whole area. We examined the menu for the expensive steak restaurant and made a face at each other like "people really pay $50 for a steak they can get somewhere else for half the price?"
But it's Disney so YES, people will pay that. I mean the restaurant looks amazing and I'm sure if we were hungry enough or had a special enough occasion we would have eaten there.
We did the Oh, Canada show which made me feel dizzy as anything and promptly moved on to merry old England.
Dami got some chips - I was holding out for some mexican food - and we had a look in the tea shop and walked through to France.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and type what we did in every land because it follows the same pattern -

  • Get there. 
  • Notice dominant landmark/structure (eg France/Eiffel Tower). 
  • Ooh. 
  • Ahh. 
  • Go through shops and see what there is. 
  • Laugh at puns (my favourite was the Tangierine Cafe) 
  • Take some pictures
  • Move on.

We got all the way around to China before we started to flag. This was about 6pm I think because we'd just missed the early coach back to the motel and had another three hours to spend before leaving. So we had a rest for 30 minutes. I got a hot dog as we went through Africa because I really needed to eat. It was not worth $10. Also I don't eat crisps and I was still in UK mode so I thought I was getting chips.

Took us a while to walk around and I think we were probably out and waiting for the coach earlier than we needed to be but we were both so exhausted.
We walked through the pretty much closed Norway part. They are opening the new Frozen ride soon so we can't wait to go on that next time. Sarcasm on Dami's part, honesty on mine.
Eventually ending up in my favourite, Mexico.
No longer hungry, I put off my taco until the next time, but we did go on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros!
This was one of my best memories from last time, and we actually loved it so much that we rode it twice! There was literally no one waiting in the line and no one in the boats before or after us! It was fantastic.

We will be dining in the restaurant inside next time as it is such a good view - look at it!!

Nice and cool. The only thing I can compare it to is when we went to Greece last year and had dinner by the sea. It was so similar to that, I think that's why we loved it so much.

We wandered around the front area of Epcot (on the left hand side as you walk in) and had a look at the wait time for Mission Space. It was a short queue but like I said, exhausted, so we went to wait for the coach.

We had a fantastic first day. It was full of magic and wonder and laughter, everything you could want.

I would say my favourite pavilion was the Japan area. I love Japanese culture - we were planning a trip to visit a friend who is living there teaching as part of the TEFL thing, but he is coming home a year earlier than we expected. It will be lovely to see him back in Wales though.
We saw people choosing their own oysters to get the pearls, and spent ages looking at all the merchandise. Loads of Pokemon items, Hello Kitty etc.
My favourite bit was the Studio Ghibli section. I could have bought everything. It was absolutely fantastic - I was in my element. We decided that the first few days would be browsing and we could come back to do real shopping later.

That was what we did as we wandered out of the park - had a look in all the shops to see what was on offer. I couldn't see any Mickey Ears that I liked though, so was quite disappointed.

On the way out we marveled at Spaceship Earth and Dami got what was hands down the most artistic photograph that was taken our entire trip.

And then, delirious but happy, we collapsed into bed ready to hit day three with as much enthusiasm as we had on this day.

Next time:


Thank you for reading this, I loved reliving this holiday as I miss Orlando every day.
Only 97 weeks until we go back!

I'd love to hear your thoughts - if you've been/if you want to go/if you just want to talk Disney I'm your girl! Leave me a comment below - maybe a link to your Disney holiday posts? 
I am devouring everything WDW related since we returned - its all I think about!


24 May 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #21

Top Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

This must have been one of the first vampire books I read because I thought it was the bees knees.
I now know better.
I also think this will be a popular choice for this weeks TTT, so I'm getting it out of the way early.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - Suzanne Collins

 Unpopular opinion - I don't like this book.
Every time I read it I pick it apart and end up ranting about how I could write it better.
I used to love it so much, and still look back through rose tinted specs - but every time I start reading it I lose my mind!

Angelfall - Susan Ee

At the time, I thought this book was really great.
Now that I think back on it, I'm not really sure what I thought made it so amazing. Maybe I will have to read it again and answer my own question

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

I thought this book was the greatest sci-fi YA book in existence.
And then I read more sci-fi YA... It's still good and I definitely rate it, but its just one of a bunch rather than the standout best. Leading onto..

Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Again, this was the absolute pinnacle of dystopian YA fiction for me.. Until I read more! Still a great book, but I have definitely read better since this book.

A Game of Thrones - George R. R. Martin

When I first read this book, I absolutely loved it even though it took me ages to read
Now I think it is the most boring book in the entire series. I've read it so many times I've just lost interest. And unfortunately it is the first book in the series and I want to re-read them all again before the next book comes out!!!

Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris

I must be a very hyperbolic person as, yet again, I thought that this was the best supernatural/romance book I'd ever read. I was about 14.

The Lightening Thief - Rick Riordan

When I think about this book I have such a skewed memory of it. For one, I always age Percy up.
That is why I always feel a little bored when I read it - maybe Logan Lerman has ruined the Percy Jackson series for me. I want to re-read this series as I've only read the first five books and I want to read all the spin off series etc, but I can't bring myself to read a book about a 12 year old! Why am I growing up??!?

Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

I have very complicated feelings about this book, and the series in fact. It had so much potential in my eyes and it didn't live up to anything.
I don't know HOW to feel about the book, in truth. It was alright, when I see it on my bookshelf I feel a little bit sad that I couldn't finish the series (because it was so weird and boring)

The 100 - Kass Morgan

I feel indifferent about this book. I loved reading it but I have verbally described this book as 'worth reading, but not that great'. It was a bit something and nothing.

I really struggled this week!

I don't usually change opinions about books - I either love it or hate it and that is that.

I have a terrible habit of thinking every book I read is the best book in the world until I read the next one.

For example, I'm currently reading The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater and it is the best book I've ever read... Only kidding. It is amazing and I have been waiting patiently to read it since the release of Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Absolutely love this series, it's so interesting.

The best thing is living in North Wales and seeing these places that Gansey must have been or, because I love listening to my friend talk, learning about the real Glynd┼Ár from the mouth of a true Welshman.

More on that later, I'm sure.

Have a great night everyone - we're drawing closer to the bank holiday!!!