17 December 2017

Ready Aimes Fire

So, I've got my concentrating hat on again.

I've sat down to pen out a plan for a series of posts so that I can get back into this game that we call blogging.

I've tied my hair up Violet Baudelaire style, but probably looking more like Miss Trunchbull with a high pony.

It's quite nice getting pen to paper and spewing it all out knowing that future me is going to edit the heck out of this ramble and reduce it to something more.. intellectual and fun. She's a wiz with Thesaurus.com is my future self -- Let's find out, shall we? 

As I am going home for Christmas, me and Dami will be apart for the big day so he let me open some of my presents early. This has become as much of a Christmas tradition as my mum knitting Christmas stockings, and yet again he has knocked it out of the park.

I don't understand how he is so good at giving gifts. He literally chooses things that I don't even know I wanted until it arrives! Case in point -

Calligraphy set
I started doing a bullet journal in October but stopped after I hurt my knee and lost momentum with it. 100% plan on picking it up again in the New Year so I can use my new pens to write headings instead of hand drawing all the typography stuff.

Another gift was washi tape which I made a point of saying has been on my Amazon wishlist for about two years! He knew how much writing in my journal meant to me - just getting things out of my head and onto the paper is so cathartic.

Two new books -
Another little tradition for Christmas is Dami getting me classic childrens books that I love to help build my library. He knows that these are books that wouldn't be at the forefront of my mind to buy, but that I will enjoy reading. Last year he bought me The Animals of Farthing Wood, so this is another great book for my collection.

  • The Incredible Journey - Sheila Burnford
  • When Marnie Was There - Joan G Robinson

Another smashing buy - when I first watched the film, I said offhand that I'd like to read the book. Last year he bought me the Totoro book to go along with my The Cat Returns manga and my copy of Howl's Moving Castle. It used to be one of my pre-requisites for watching an adaption - get the book and read it - so it's really nice that Dami has picked this up without me even telling him.

What Do You Meme - I LOVE memes. We are constantly watching the YLYL compilations of Dank Memes and I never get past the second one! I have been looking for a new game for ages, so will be able to play with the family on Christmas Day. It has a Cards Against Humanity format where everyone has a choice of cards to give to the judge a caption for the meme.

Our last tradition is cute socks! This year he got me these two styles -
 Image result for miyazaki socks

So I am having a great start to Christmas as he has got me some lovely presents which I am super grateful for!

I hope everyone else has a lovely Christmas and thank you very much for reading

20 March 2017

Daimee Does Disney: Day Four

Day Four


Okay so I lost momentum a little with this project.

For me, Universal wasn't high on my list. I could have completely missed it if Harry Potter Land wasn't a thing.
I know for Dami it was something he was very excited about - he loves the Simpsons and wanted to see that. He's never been to Florida before as I have mentioned so he was just excited to see everything. I think if it were up to him we would have gone on the first day, but we held off until day four.

We got the coach provided by our hotel. It wasn't until nearly 11am so we got another lie-in which was awesome. Had some breakfast and headed down to reception.

I wasn't sure what to expect as I couldn't remember the layout of the site and to be honest after fifteen years it's probably changed one hell of a lot.
A few of the experiences I remember have gone now - notably Nick Studios, I also remember a Hanna Barbera area which I really enjoyed as a kid. Nevermind - times change.

We decided to go for the Studios first - with me singing a little bit of Kenan and Kel on the way in - awwww here it goes! #throwback

Obviously gratuitous photo ops as we entered.

We found ourselves on a street right out of a Hollywood movie - or what I imagine it would look like! We perused the shops and had a leisurely stroll around the streets before hitting Springfield.

Again, we were so lucky with the wait times as we barely hit any. We were quite selective with what we did though so that may have some bearing on it.

We walked through Springfield, obviously stopping to geek out at the buildings that we'd only seen on the TV. It was so surreal and intensely cool, I can't describe the feels you get from this place it's insane.
We wandered into Moe's and through into the foodcourt where there were restaurants like Luigi's, The Frying Dutchman, Krusty Burger etc etc. All counter service restaurants. It looked pretty good, but we weren't hungry at that point so just carried on looking.

As we came out we saw the Kwik-E-Mart which is a gift store. At the end of our holiday we went back to get all the items we decided to get on this day. We got a Squishee refillable travel cup which came with a free (it wasn't free, it cost $1.50) fill of Squishee - we got raspberry lemonade flavour as that was the most mutually acceptable flavour to share. We also got a Kwik-E-Mart name badge that said BORT. Lols. My parents gave us the money to get Dami a birthday present while he was there so he chose this MASSIVE mug because he loves tea.. It's like three cups of tea in one mug.
We also bought a chocolate bar that I keep meaning to bug my co-worker into buying for me when he goes this weekend.. I keep forgetting!
Update - I did ask him to get it (and a pressed penny from MK) but he 'forgot' to get both. Men.

After we left the shop we walked straight into an area with a massive Krusty head, which is where the Simpsons ride is. We waited around 15 minutes in the queue for the Simpsons simulation ride. I say SIMULATION RIDE, because I get quite travel sick. I've never had a problem on rides before, because I don't think I've actually been on a simulator since I was about 5.. I didn't realise that when they write on the warnings for the rides that you shouldn't ride if you get travel sick, they actually mean it!!

I got 20 seconds - SECONDS! - into the ride before it kicked in. I just had to curl over the safety bar with my eyes tightly closed and breathe really slowly. It barely worked, but I didn't vom.
All I can remember is Dami going on about how cool it was and wooping like you do on a good ride - but I'm sat there trying not to think about, I was such a spoilsport!

After that I just had to walk away and get a drink, so we chilled out by the toilets outside the Men In Black area. Honestly thought I was going to puke my guts up for about 10 minutes, it was awful. After calming myself down a little, we walked through the MIB area (we didn't go on the ride obviously but knew we had a second visit to do so) and past the Fear Factor Live place and came very quickly round into London!

Quick snap in front of the station which takes you over to the other park and then we tried to find the way into Diagon Alley!

As we entered there was the biggest crowd of people that we had seen so far in any of the parks we had visited. They were all there for one reason: THIS GUY!

He breathes fire, but it's quite sporadic so even after we'd waited for ten minutes, it still hadn't let out a blast.

Then everyone started to get ushered on because no one could get through the crush.

Even with all the people it was the most amazing sight. I couldn't wait to look in all the shop windows. We saw plenty of people with the interactive wands and dressed in robes - it was fantastic!!
We did a brief circuit of window shopping. If I'd've been hungry I would definitely have pushed for a meal at the Leaky Cauldron but I was still quite queasy. We had a little gander at the sweets in the Weasley's shop (mind-blowing) and had a look at some merch in one of the attached shops. On our way out we checked the wait time for Escape From Gringotts but it was over an hour so we decided to come back later.
That was the luxury of it having just been the two of us - we didn't have to pander to anyone else's needs and we could just take or leave the rides knowing we could come back at a later point without anyone moaning that they want to do it NOW.

Dami needed the toilet and I just caught this out of the corner of my eye as I was waiting for him:

It was so cool in Knockturn Alley (I mean that literally - the aircon was such a relief) We had a quick look around Borgin & Burkes and then back out through Diagon Alley to have a look at the Knight Bus. There was quite a queue to get a picture so, again, something for another day :)

In true Daimee fashion we decided at this point to scout out Islands of Adventure as the park was starting to fill up. We walked over rather than getting the train as there was quite a long wait if I remember correctly. 
It only took 10 mins to get over to the other park anyway.
As you walk in there is an archway that says The Adventure Begins... and I thought it was so awesome!! 
This was a first time for me at this park - I think when we came last time my parents didn't want my sister to miss out as she would have been too small to go on many of the rides (though I can also remember being told we could go to only one of the parks and Universal Studios was the better choice for all of us)

As you can see, nice and empty as we walked in!

We headed straight for Dami's most anticipated area - unfortunately the Hulk ride was closed but we still only waited 15 minutes for the Spiderman ride which I didn't think was too bad! 

And would you believe it, it's now almost a year since we went and I can't remember any of the details..
I thought I'd post this last one since I had already written it and call it quits on this series.
I've covered pretty much all the parks now anyway, except Busch Gardens which was a wash out and I had contracted the flu by that point anyway

Thanks for reading

26 June 2016

Daimee Does Disney: Day Three

Day Three


I'm only going to do a short post on our time in Seaworld as I think it is a rather controversial place to visit. It was included as an extra park in our tickets as we wanted to go to Busch Gardens anyway - and Busch Gardens is owned by the same company.

We had a bit of a lie in in the morning - managed to sleep until about 830am which for me is pretty good in the UK. Usually I wake up at 720 on the dot.
We went for breakfast which was a lot busier this time and got some toast and some juice. Then we headed back to our room to get dressed for the day.

We had bought some tickets for the I-Ride which lasted for 14 days so we activated these and rode down to Seaworld.
It didn't take very long - 15 mins? - and the view from the bus was amazing. We had to wait 15 mins in the queue to get our tickets and then headed straight in.

We had a look at some flamingos and a quick peek at the seals. They were just doing one of the dolphin shows so we heard that as we went past.
We also saw some tame squirrels eating donuts. So odd.

We did a massive loop around the park, stopping at 1 to apply suntan lotion... I'd only gone and left it in the hotel room, hadn't I?!
We had to buy some at the park. It was an aerosol spray on sunscreen by Banana Boat that was absolutely amazing. Factor 50 spray on - no fuss, no streaks, no mess. The only thing that I was worried about was that it was $18 and I thought it would probably run out after three days. BUT it was a really hot day and honestly I think we would have been burnt to a crisp if we didn't get it.

Best thing we bought at Seaworld.

Now, a little bit about us.

We love exploring, seeing new things and we especially love animals.
We always have a great time at the zoo or aquarium - mostly taking the mick out of each other and doing impressions of the animals.

I love manatees - they were my favourite thing about the last time we visited, especially because they are local wild animals that were rescued. I think that's really nice. Spent quite a while looking at these lovely things.

Dami had never seen an Orca before and has always said he'd love to see them. It would obviously be better in the wild, but this was the only opportunity to see one open to us.
We got really good seats in the One Ocean show which was amazing. Right in the centre, in the splash zone.
And I did get some really good pics of our day but I'm hesitant to post them after the reaction I received on Facebook.

Yes, I have seen Blackfish. It's an amazing documentary. Cried for days.
Yes, I have seen the Cove. It was another amazing documentary. Cried for days.
Yes, I did feel a little dirty going to SeaWorld.

But, I had an amazing day, saw my favourites - the manatees and orcas and got to see some turtles. We got to see 50 people queuing to get pictures taken with dolphins (not something I would want to do)

We got selected to give feedback at the park on our way out which was great and I was maybe a bit brutal about my thoughts on the orcas but praised them on the stopping of the breeding program and eventual ending of the shows.

After SeaWorld

We left at around 5pm and headed straight to the outlet at the bottom of I-drive to go to the Disney outlet store. We bought some of the Disney Vinylmations and I got a lovely photo frame.
It might be part of the Disney Land 60th anniversary collection, but I still think it is amazing!
We were looking at the t-shirts and homeware for a while and then decided that they might have other items at the other outlet at the top of I-Drive so we got the I-Ride all the way up and had a look in the other outlet shop. This was definitely a good idea because the stock was quite different.
There was more clothing at the one at the top than in the One at the bottom, but we bought less here.

We had a wander around the mall and it was amazing. The sun was setting at this point so most of the heat had disappeared. I was so so thirsty but we had no cash so we went to a vending machine just to see the price of a drink. To my utter surprise, you could use a debit/credit card on the machine!!
So amazing - wish we could do that in the UK!

We are now 94 weeks and 6 days away from going back. It is driving me insane waiting to go back!